Art of pleasure

The Art of Pleasure   Many people, men and women ask me, ‘How can I give my lover the best pleasure, the most delicious pleasure ever?’ Whether lovers are new, or committed, young or older, or heterosexual or same gender, where do you start? I suggest exploring methods and kinds various of pleasure sessions. Keys […]

Tantric Breath

Tantric Breath One practice to tune in and harmonise with your lover is to slowly follow each others breath. No one is to lead, but to harmonise and enjoy the experience of finding harmony between both breaths. Slow down, let go and allow a flow of ‘energy’ to grow and your breath will take care […]

Tantra as a Spiritual Path


Tantra as a Spiritual Path Your intimate connection with a partner is not only a way to explore pleasure and love, it is also a way to find, and deepen your spiritual path. It is valuable to set aside special times to treat your lovemaking as a spiritual practice. Meditation, prayer, ritual and ceremony are […]

Couples Coaching Communication

Couples coaching communication One of the common problems in relationships and partnership is that often partners feel they are not being appreciated enough for what they do, yet this is often because we forget to voice our appreciation of our partner. Commonly, we do not realise that we get into the habit of finding what […]

Couples Coaching

when you don't see eye to eye

Feeling Uncomfortable and Finding Harmony  In the initial stages of most relationships when men and women meet and fall in love, there is lots of love and energy and intimacy, lots of lovemaking and lots of passion. Then, after a period of time many couples lose it. The Hite Report states that eighty five percent […]

Tantric massage for women-Doing it for yourself!

The new “Pulling”: Tantric massage for women ..It’s not a coconut oil mouth rinse technique, much sexier than that… Did you know it’s great for your health to self pleasure? It raising your natural feel-good endorphins, increases your immune system, keeps colds away and radiates your bliss from inside out! How to … “Inner and […]

Self Love

 Self Love – The art of For many women, young to older, their ovaries and reproductive systems can give ‘trouble’;  pms, aching,  misbehaving, polycystic, peri, post…and much much more! We Know! How to get through? A great technique is meditative sending/channelling reiki/ love, appreciation, compassion, tuning in… Try this… Self Love Healing hands exercise Place […]

Your YONI – Have you taken a look lately?

Your YONI – Have you taken a look lately? In our ultra sexualized world, where pornography is influencing popular views and values about sex, have you admired your Yoni for the beautiful creation it is? Consider how you may have thought differently about your most sacred place. Cultural differences in sex education Your Yoni is […]

Expressing your inner sex goddess whilst Creating Boundaries

  Expressing your inner sex goddess       …whilst Creating Boundaries   When we enliven our sexiness, we become alluring and magnetic, like Aphrodite. So how do we remain connected to her golden glow but still protect ourselves from intrusions or abuse? This can be difficult, but it is important to find the balance between […]

Tantric sexual goddess of today

Tantric sexual goddess of today Today’s tantric sexual goddess is a woman who is willing to explore the many sides of her sacred feminine sexuality. She can connect her sexuality with a sense of the sacred. These sides are like facets of a magnificent diamond; just as a flash from one side of a diamond sends […]