Your YONI – Have you taken a look lately?

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Your YONI – Have you taken a look lately?

In our ultra sexualized world, where pornography is influencing popular views and values about sex, have you admired your Yoni for the beautiful creation it is?

Consider how you may have thought differently about your most sacred place.

Cultural differences in sex education

Your Yoni is rour sacred place, the vagina, but most of us don’t think about how our sexual upbringing and inherited cultural and family values about sexuality have affected us. We take for granted a certain level of prudishness or conservatism in most Western societies. But if you had grown up in ancient India and had been instructed in the arts of sacred sexuality, you would have faced a very different set of teachings — The Kama Sutra for instance, was written between the 4th and 6th Century, drawing inspiration from earlier works designed to instruct the cultured citizen in the arts of lovemaking.

In ancient India, in sections of the community, young girls coming into puberty were taught that sex was life’s greatest gift, a link between the divine and existence. They were taught that sex and the yoni was sacred and that to derive pleasure from sex was a prayer to the divine, a way of showing gratitude for existence. Sex was believed to be healing, rejuvenating, energising; it was a means to reach mystical states of love and consciousness; a way to enter a spiritual realm.

Celebrate your Yoni !

If, for example, you had had your sexual education from the matrilineal tribes of Guyana, Africa, your sexual self-acceptance and means of self-expression might be entirely different, too. In this culture the early development of a woman’s sexuality is encouraged. From the moment they reach puberty, girls are taught that their sexuality is their most precious gift and a girl’s first monthly period is an occasion of celebration and feasting.More significantly, the first period heralds the occasion when a girl learns to use her sexuality for her fullest pleasure and developing celebratory connection with her yoni, and how to attract and keep a man.