Love and Passion

Love and Passion

Two weeks , two years , 2 decades and still going.

How long will love and passion last ?

What are the secrets?

What are the secrets of a passionate relationship that keeps the spark alive and sparkling for partners to feel desired appreciated and supported ?

How can we keep loving, engaging, changing, growing within a conscious relationship?

There are so many distractions, push and pulls, demands on time, resources and energies.

How do we changes thing up and up and recover from the lulls and troughs of relationship?

Do we want to bring our best self forward, to be grounded and authentic?

Or………after two weeks, two months, two years has the love and passion reduced to, a need for the ‘other’ to be more of what we want them to be, so that they fill more of our projections and expectations?

Skills of love

Have we got the skills of love  and tool box to listen, to talk, to appreciate, to reflect, to communicate and to love…?