Art of pleasure

The Art of Pleasure


Many people, men and women ask me, ‘How can I give my lover the best pleasure, the most delicious pleasure ever?’

Whether lovers are new, or committed, young or older, or heterosexual or same gender, where do you start?

I suggest exploring methods and kinds various of pleasure sessions.

Keys of the art of pleasure

  • Anticipation
  • Scheduling or if you have the ‘time’ and ‘space’  spontaneous
  • Setting the space
  • Take your time for your lover to relax
  • Enliven the senses: Temperature, refreshments, lighting, privacy, music, sense.
  • Oil if needed
  • Have your lover know you will pamper them with NO need of ‘returning the favour’ ( maybe at another time).
  • Start at the head, neck, hands, arms , shoulders, feet, calves, legs, back, chest.
  • It’s fun to build energy, build, pleasure, from the extremities towards the centre of the body.
  • Ask your partner for feedback, Start slow, then build with feedback and directions.
  • Taking your time.
  • Being of service, being in the moment of the pleasure not the result.
  • Want to learn more ????? learn more of the secrets for sacred love.
  • Tantra Teacher training for professional and personal use.

Learn more about the Art of Pleasure

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