Tantric Breath

Tantric Breath

One practice to tune in and harmonise with your lover is to slowly follow each others breath.

No one is to lead, but to harmonise and enjoy the experience of finding harmony between both breaths.

Slow down, let go and allow a flow of ‘energy’ to grow and your breath will take care of itself.

Don’t get caught up in thoughts, yours or what you may think the other is thinking, get out of your own way.

Focus for a little while on your own breath, on slowing down to a relaxed rhythm of breath entering your nostrils and your lungs, feeling your diagram raise and fall. What the breath leave your lungs and your nostrils to merge with the rest of your exhale.

Sink more deeply into your breath.

Slowly, maybe playfully finding a combined rhythm with your lover, your beloved.

This is one way of using Tantric Breath.