Tantra Sessions


Indivualised sessions to suit you

Tantra sessions are individualised to suit your particular circumstances, interests and requirements. Explore whatever you want to of the following.

Connect to your inner Tantric Goddess for more pleasure in your life. Learn tantric tips for a soulful and spicy relationship. Learn to increase your pleasure! Perfect how to give a mind blowing tantric massage! Have a private lesson or gather a group of women friends.

Are you curious about tantra and want to find out nurture passion and presence and bliss! Tantra Holidays in Byron Bay. Personal sessions or via Zoom. Australian School of Tantra Sessions for couples and singles draws on contemporary s..x research, traditions of ecstatic love and a wealth of practical wisdom for more connection, passion, and joy. Learn Tantra massage or the Art of Tantric relationship, effective and respectful communication, arts of sensuality for prolonged and heightened passion. Whether you are single or partnered, having been together for one week or fifty years tantra has some thing to offer everyone, to enjoy even more love, more joy and so much more pleasure!!!….

 Diane Riley established the Australian School of Tantra  and has taught thousands in Australia and OS.  LoveWorks Tantric Sessions and  Lessons provide you with practical tools and insights to physically, emotionally, soulfully enhance all types of loving intimate relationships.  

Does our society and culture provide us the skills for fabulous, passionate, respectful and creative relationships?

Explore the LoveWorks Program, if you want to be a great sport person, chef, painter, CEO, dancer you train and seek out coaching, and teachers.  


                                                                        Passion, love and presence 

‘My vision is to facilitate access to the theories and practices of contemporary tantra, including, conscious relationship and sacred sexuality to enhance harmony, fulfilment and transformation for individual and couples. We teach a positive view of sexuality helping to expand love within relationships and promote creativity in all areas of life including sexuality.

ASOT also provides quality professional  and personal training for everyday, busy life.

Conscious Loving relationships provide the potential for the highest lovemaking. It is worth working on your relationship if you want to open up to more possibilities in the area of your lovemaking, because as your relationship grows deeper and sex get better. There is nothing better than having a fabulous sexual experience with the person whom you love the most in life.

 Combining the best of tantra and sacred sexuality with modern relationship theory and the most recent neurobiology aligned with practices that build a bridge between tantra and contemporary relationship education. The Loveworks sessions are practical skills taught in a relaxed way introducing hundreds of couples, men and women to immensely practical and beneficial ‘life-love’ skills that are easily integrated into every day life!!! There is a qualified and accredited LoveWorks Educator near you. Tantra lovemaking will add to the ways you make love in 3 major areas; physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

Richard, 35 years, Shell and I have been living together for one and a half years, we get along so well. She is out going and very sensual. I wanted to learn more skills and be a bit more emotionally open with her. I googled tantra and found the Australian School of Tantra. The tantric skills Diane explained and guided us through really heightened the passion I felt, I was blown away! It was a wonderful experience with a lot of take home skills for us. I hope to do another session later in the year. Shell, 32 years. I had heard about tantra focusing on passion and more intimacy. And this is certainly what we got. I was in tears of emotion,. .. good emotion. Richard opened up, I felt so connected and a real transference of energy and connectivity with him. Absolutely amazing Diane. Thank you!!!

Richard and Shell

Ray 31 years, We were visiting Byron Bay on honeymoon from the US and were referred to see Diane Riley at the Australian school of tantra for a lesson. Our friends had seen her a few years ago and loved it. So we thought why not. The setting at Coopers Shoot was so beautiful and we had immediate rapport with Diane who was a wealth of knowledge, tips and information. We didn’t know too much about tantra except it was supposed to build intimacy, Diane’s session covered wonderful tuning in for deeper intimacy, setting up lovemaking rituals to do weekly, or birthdays, anniversaries etc. I also got amazing information about secrets for making love for longer. Jenna and I feel deeply moved and connected , the same feeling as we did when we said our vows to each other two month previously! Thank you Diane the Tantra Lesson was great!