Slow Sex

slow sex australian school of tantra

Slow Sex

Slow Sex!  Most reactions is hurry up! Get it off! No time to slow down.  It may be the best gift to give to yourself and your lover.

Slow down…!!!!!!!  yum… why be in such a hurry ??? Slow Sex and sacred sex | Are you in a Hurry | Are you feeling Rushed ? Why go too fast slow down and enjoy what you are rushing away from ? Are you focused on ‘cumming’, on doing it good, on doing it right ? Right for who ? for yourself, getting to the glorious destination! letting him or her know you are super sexy.  Perhaps you’re on fast bullet train but you arrive too early!

Slow Sex :  take a breath or two together, take a chance and feel the love from touch, scent, taste, sound, sight.

Take a risk and slow down, meet your partners gaze, open your eyes and say i love you, I love your scent!!! I love your taste !!! I love your touch and the feel of you… I love the sound of you!!! feel the connection, the melting of boundaries, are you ready not to go fasted but to explore deeper and wider, Tantra calls it expansion!! expansion beyond self, beyond the ordinary, and into each other, expansion beyond’ ‘me’ and ‘other’ into the unknown of ‘us’ and this is the unknown.. the adventure.

Slow Tantric Sex can be  the adventure into the transformative space of more delight …

Many people ask me how to do this…??? May practice being ‘slow’ taking a slow walk, eating your breakfast or dinner and chewing each mouthful 50 times…

You may not have the time for this as you have so many things to do…Work, children, friends, DEVICES! However what is more important than sharing love and pleasures with your lover ?

For a start try a practice I call

Slow Sex and Drinking deeply

Move your thoughts to something you like, lose yourself in that sensation, breathe in and imagine your whole body as an extension of that pleasure.  Imagine your enjoyment is going into every cell of your body.  Think of moments of the “pleasure” being like droplets of water being absorbed by your entire body.  I call this drinking deeply of the experience…