Self Love

 Self Love – The art of

heartfromhandsFor many women, young to older, their ovaries and reproductive systems can give ‘trouble’;  pms, aching,  misbehaving, polycystic, peri, post…and much much more! We Know!

How to get through? A great technique is meditative sending/channelling reiki/ love, appreciation, compassion, tuning in…

Try this…

Self Love Healing hands exercise

Place your hands over your ovaries, with your index fingers touching to form a triangle at the top of the pubic bone and the tips of your thumbs touching just under your navel. The ovaries are approximately 5cm (2in) below the skin (depending on the amount of goddess padding you have!).

Through your hands, imagine a connection of energy is forming, between your palms and your ovaries, womb, and vaginal area. Now, imagine a current of healing energy coming through your hands, sending this reproductive part of your body love and appreciation.

Self Love and Womanhood

Next, move the heel of one hand over your pubic bone, allowing your palm and fingers to encase your yoni. Experience a feeling of gratitude for your sacred place as you would for your eyes if you had regained lost sight. Be grateful, for this is the part of your body that makes you a woman.