Tantric massage for women-Doing it for yourself!

AustralianSchoolOfTantra. yogini yoniThe new “Pulling”: Tantric massage for women

..It’s not a coconut oil mouth rinse technique, much sexier than that…

Did you know it’s great for your health to self pleasure? It raising your natural feel-good endorphins, increases your immune system, keeps colds away and radiates your bliss from inside out!

How to …

“Inner and Outer”…The lip layers of your vulva are like the petals of a flower. …

Start with massaging

the length of the outer lips between the thumb and the fingertips. Then do

the same with the inner lips. You can also use circular massage between the

thumb and the fingers, trying different pressures to suit.  Try “pulling” your lips

gently extending them, pulling them, bringing subtle pleasure.

Tantric Massage: Good vibrations

Place your entire hand over your yoni and vibrate your hand, pause, and

then continue. Now use the middle three fingers, gliding them back and

forth along the opening, with the little finger and thumb sliding between

the inner and outer lips of the vagina. Vibrate your hand and fingers as you

lightly stroke from the very base of the vagina right through and over the

clitoris. Move you hand in this way from the perineum area up toward the

clitoris, taking note of what pleasurable feelings arise.


Massaging your most precious bits..

Sometimes, direct stimulation of the clitoris can quickly turn from pleasure

to irritation or pain. So take time to experiment. To orientate direction for

this exercise, think of your clitoris as a tiny clock face, with the line from

12 o’clock to six o’clock representing the vertical axis. The 12 is where

your clitoris is and the six is towards the perineum. Start at 12 o’clock and,

with circular stroking, make little circles around the edge of the clock face,

polishing the whole area of the jewel, not just directly on the tip.


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