Expressing your inner sex goddess whilst Creating Boundaries



Expressing your inner sex goddess   

 Australian School of Tantra. Love Boundries

 …whilst Creating Boundaries  

When we enliven our sexiness, we become alluring and magnetic, like

Aphrodite. So how do we remain connected to her golden glow but still

protect ourselves from intrusions or abuse? This can be difficult, but it

is important to find the balance between the attention we want and the

attention we don’t want.


Expressing your inner sex goddess doesn’t mean you have no boundaries

Boundaries can act as valuable tools to protect yourself from others as

well as to contain yourself and help you find a healthy balance between

both. Equally, it is important to be absolutely clear within ourselves about

what these boundaries are and what they mean to us.  Which give s you more freedom with

your inner sex goddess.


Shirley Smith, in ‘Set Yourself Free in Relationship’ writes: “Getting

clear about boundaries and how to put them in place is one of the most

essential things you can do to teach people how to treat you. In fact, your

current boundaries — or lack of them — are directly related to how

people treat you.” She suggests asking yourself two questions:


‘What am I allowing that I shouldn’t be allowing?’

‘What am I not allowing that I should?’ 8


Use these simple questions to guide you in establishing what is right

for you while still staying available for intimacy and not loosing touch

with your own good common sense.


 Your Inner Sex Goddess must know her boundaries:

Learning and Knowing what your boundaries are around sexuality is sometimes

difficult since, in the dance of relationships, these can often shift and

evolve. However, in a situation that is unknown, such as at a social

gathering where you are unsure of the company, you need to be absolutely

clear of your boundaries and maintain them. If necessary, be explicit in

letting others know. Be able to say ‘no’ and mean it. An emphatic ‘no’

shows any unwelcome intruder that you are in charge of yourself and the

situation! This doesn’t always mean that you need to be in a rage. Rather,

allow the grace and confidence of your goddess energy to take control

of the situation. The way a spirited young lady friend of mine handles

unwelcome attention is with grace and humour. Often, she will simply

say: “you’ve got good taste my friend but, ‘no, thank you’.”


Knowing and expressing boundaries can act as valuable tools to prevent us from becoming a

victim. Equally, it is important to be absolutely clear within ourselves

about what these boundaries are and what they mean to us.

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