Tantric sexual goddess of today

Tantric sexual goddess of today

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Today’s tantric sexual goddess is a woman who is willing to explore the many sides of her sacred feminine sexuality. She can connect her sexuality with a sense of the sacred. These sides are like facets of a magnificent diamond; just as a flash from one side of a diamond sends out a ray of light, so will developing even one of the following qualities help illuminate your life.


The Tantric sexual goddess is seen in a woman who:

• Enjoys her body and cares for it out of pride, not vanity.

• Recognises the beauty she carries within her and allows this to

radiate outwards.

•Tantric sexual goddesses can generate powerful energy sometimes by a soft touch and

sometimes with explosive orgasmic contractions.

• Understands that female desire and pleasure are generators of

energy and that this energy is an eternal spring that can bring joy and

passion to everything she does, not only sex.

• Is wise with her sexuality and does not squander it

• Understands the wisdom of sharing her sexual energy only with

those who can appreciate such beauty.

• Knows her boundaries, what’s OK for her and what’s not, but is

ready to test limits.

• Knows that her sexuality can include many aspects of herself and

can be exhibited in a range of ways, for instance from ‘lace to leather’,

or from being meditative and subtle to passionate and erotic.

• Knows how to express her erotic and sexual nature, thus empowering

herself physically as well as emotionally and spiritually.

• Understands that her sexual energy is healing, life affirming and

brings joy to herself and all with whom she shares it.

• Is able to carry the residue of sexual delight and allow it to sustain

her aliveness for days.

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