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Tantra Goddess Girls night in Byron Bay

Tips and Blessings

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  • Celebrate this hens night or a
  • Womens gathering as a beautiful occasion with a splash of Goddess energy.
  • Discover the Tantric Goddess
  • Womens nights
  • Learn some sexy tantric tips to take away with you.
  • Safe, fun, something different.
  • One hour
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Womens Night Cost: $495 groups of 10

Girl’s night in and Goddess Celebrations

Tantra Hen’s night- hen’s parties: In traditional societies on a special night preceding the wedding (hen’s night) the women were taken aside by older wise women to celebrate the forth coming occasion to pamper the bride and initiate her and her gathering of women friends into the ways of sacred sexuality. To introduce her to the mysteries of the ancient feminine essence.

Long ago this ancient feminine wisdom was passed down from woman to woman in women’s places of learning, now it is time to develop these traditions again. Long ago this ancient feminine wisdom was passed down from woman to woman in women’s places of learning, now it is time to develop these traditions again.

  • Experience hip dance as a way of connecting with your sensuality/sexuality as a joyous, enlivening celebration.
  • Discover and channel the healing powers of the feminine/ goddess essence – clear negative conditioning and expand your sensual potential.
  • Learn ancient goddess secrets to increase your and your partner’s sensual and orgasmic pleasure.
  • Learn Tantric massage tips to extend his pleasure.
  • Goddess blessing for the bride and her groom

Recently “Anna” phoned me and asked if I would do a hen’s party for her friend Leah and their girl friends. This was the first Hen’s night for Tantra goddess hen’s night; tips and blessing. Anna had researched what else was available for Hen’s night celebrations in Sydney and creatively thought of a Tantra Goddess Hen’s night and called.

My Tantric goddess in Training and I arrived at their lovely city hotel room to meet Leah the bride and her beautiful circle of friends. These girls left “Sex in the City for dead!’ We celebrated the bride – I told stories of the ancient tantra goddess of love, the power of yoni! And shared Tantric secrets for love and sexual joy!

Tantric Hens Nights

Anna, top left the brides maid. The bride, Leah is centre front surrounded by her girl friends. Diane (director of the Australian school of Tantra) third from left top row, and Soelae, Diane’s daughter to her left (priestess in training).

Leah said that it created such bonding between her and her friends that they learned all sorts of things their mothers never told them- because their mother’s never knew- tantra secrets for women. It was so wonderful compared to other hen’s night’s where the girls go to stripping or boozing parties and the guys may go to a lap dancing club. This doesn’t create a strong foundation for their wedding night or the rest of their marriage. Creating a feeling of mistrust instead of a bonding, supportive celebration of their love. Gaining an insight into Tantra sex and tantra women’s wisdom gave Leah the inspiration to celebrate and nurture er Tantra goddess within.

Cto organize and Tantra goddess Hen’s night or hen’s party of other women’s Tantra Goddess celebration and rites of passage.

Call Jess at the Australian School of Tantra to book a Tantra goddess Hen’s party in Sydney or Melbourne or Byron Bay.

‘Hi Jess, I wanted to send you a quick email to say that last night was wonderful. Marie was so fantastic and all the girls loved her. She was relaxed, captivating to listen to and certainly knew her stuff. I think everyone walked away feeling very empowered and happy.
Thanks to you too for being so accommodating with our requests.
Melody Whitfield

dancing Tantric Hen

We invited Ishita to be a surprise entertainer and tantric lesson at my sisters ‘Hens party’ so no one knew she was coming except for the bridesmaids. She was amazing and a massive hit with everyone! She was down to earth and relatable. The session really broke the ice with everyone not knowing each other. It was a mixture of discussions and exercises that had us both meditating and then in hysterics of laughter seeing the reactions of some of the ladies faces who had their mothers in the room. She also gave a gift to the Hen at the end which I thought was a lovely touch to finish off. Everyone is still raving on as to how much fun they had and the Hen absolutely loved it. I highly recommend Ishita and would do it all over again!

Thank you again!! 🙂