Couples Coaching Communication

couples communication

Couples coaching communication

One of the common problems in relationships and partnership is that often partners feel they are not being appreciated enough for what they do, yet this is often because we forget to voice our appreciation of our partner.

Commonly, we do not realise that we get into the habit of finding what our partner does wrong.

If we stop and bring awareness to our communications it can be a rude surprise to acknowledge that we can put down partner, find fault, generalise in a mean and hurtful way.

We need to make it a daily practice to scan all the things our partner does, and let them know that we appreciate them

Often under appreciation grows into  resentment and then a competition for power, a battle. As team-mates in love, partners, lovers should be empowering each other to feel good, but instead they often get into the habit of fault finding and then they only empower each other to feel bad.

This is when love not only turns sour … it goes rancid!

Can we do better couples communication ?

Better in life, not only business, the car, the house, but let’s look at the heart.

Why so many are suffering,  experiencing a struggle in matters of the heart.

What can be simple to think and to say, instead of falling in automatic regressive patterns that degrade the quality of life.

Here we are in 2020 and so many of us have been exposed to mindfulness, we may taking moments in nature to sustain and replenish ourselves and yet relationships and families are in crisis.

This is what the Loveworks Program offers ways of moving forward and relearning love and sustaining love through the hard times.