Slow Sex

Slow Sex Slow Sex!  Most reactions is hurry up! Get it off! No time to slow down.  It may be the best gift to give to yourself and your lover. Slow down…!!!!!!!  yum… why be in such a hurry ??? Slow Sex and sacred sex | Are you in a Hurry | Are you feeling […]


Alone-ness What is it to explore and continue to find your own alone-ness? Many people in relationship  are trying to remain themselves. Both lovers are related and yet independent and hence often a struggle arise. They forget to discuss their values, aspirations and activities or ideas  and may become resentful. What can we do: Giving […]

Connecting Deeper vs Phone use

Connecting deeper vs phone use   ….This spills over into on going relationships. How much phone use do you do? Does your partner do? Have you had enough of alienation, Has enough of wasting Love  making time, Do you want some coaching to open and reignite a truly passionate love life? Where is the human […]

Sacred sexuality intimacy connection and dating aps

Sacred sexuality | Intimate connection | Dating Aps By Lucy Fisher Featured writer for Australian School of Tantra  ( with Diane Riley) Dating Aps: As a single 30 – something woman looking for love, I can’t help but observe a rapidly changing climate in the dating aps world. Beneath the fun, frivolous, commitment free, variety filled […]

Tantra Love

 What is Tantra Love ? Tantra Love Tantra Love is about expanding and deepening our  life.  Tantra is deepening connections to love, and our flow of love inwardly and outwardly. Tantra love encourages presence and conscious relating. Tantra love combines soulfulness, relationship  and sexuality , and is a guide to live life passionately, with love […]

Learn Tantric massage

Learn Tantric Massage Learn Tantric massage at the LoveWorks Training When you learn tantric massage it has the potential for you to give your man more pleasure than he has ever experienced before. He may have had a massage before, but not like the one you are about to give him. Traditional masseurs avoid […]

Does tantra ignite a spiritual awakening?

Can Tantra  trigger a kundalini experience? This was a question from some one interested in sacred sexuality and tantra .You can’t predict if it may happen, however it can.Tantra can be life changing, changing the way sexuality is in your life.Bringing more pleasure. Body awareness. Breath awareness. Awareness of your self in relation to your […]

Lingam, what is the meaning?

Lingam, what is the meaning? Lingam, what is the meaning in the 21st Century? In western tantra ‘ Lingam’ is referring to the male ‘wand of light’, Does this have any reference to modern day lovers who practice ‘lingam honouring’ or ‘lingam massage’ ?? First lets look at what has been written, Subhamoy Das is […]

Womens Weekend Workshop

Women’s Menopause Weekend Workshop ~ Living the Dance: using Arts Therapies to Enhance our Lives ~ Next event: Women’s Weekend Workshop Moving Menopause:  Enhancing the Journey   ~ An open and heartful enquiry into the passage of menopause ~  Utilising  a range of modalities such as naturally expressive movement and dance, pastels, clay,  writing, body-sense and […]

Love Coaches

Sydney Morning Herald Article Tantra is quickly becoming accepted as a respected and useful philosophy as a tool to enhance relationships and sexuality. Tantric teachers Kerry and Diane Riley of the Australian School of Tantra were interviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald as Sydney’s leading authority on Tantra. Tantric teachers for many years, the Riley’s […]