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Sydney Morning Herald Article

Tantra is quickly becoming accepted as a respected and useful philosophy as a tool to enhance relationships and sexuality. Tantric teachers Kerry and Diane Riley of the Australian School of Tantra were interviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald as Sydney’s leading authority on Tantra. Tantric teachers for many years, the Riley’s have a deep understanding of the concerns and pressures of modern relationship especially those living in the city.

‘Often people are having it all, demanding careers plus relationships and children! Tantric sexuality offers insights into the ‘man woman dynamic’ on an emotional and sexual level.’ explains Diane. ‘Tantric love emphasises daily connections, simple tantric harmonising processes for rebalancing libido and amplifying passion, at whatever age. Throw out the sexual enhancing drugs and try Tantra skills instead!’ Kerry encourages men of all ages 18 – 80 to exercise their PC muscles as the fundamental technique for life long sexual health. ‘Whether a man wants to learn ejaculation control or to strengthened his virility the PC muscle is important. Learn the tantric skills about this muscle and you will be able to make love for as long as you choose.

Kerry and Diane each tantra courses and workshops around Australia, in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, and Byron Bay.

Their extensive and growing tantric educational books, videos, DVD’s and courses have proved to be authorative and of great value.

Sydney Morning Herald Article

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