Tantra Courses for Men

Improve Your Sex Life

Vogue Men – Sept 97

Tantra and Tantra courses for men an assist in so many sexuality and relationship areas.

‘Tantric Secrets for Men’, first published by Random House in Australia as ‘Sexual Secrets for Men’ was the subject of review by Vogue Magazine as seen below.

Tantric teacher and tantric educator Kerry Riley has talked to thousands of men about their relationships and sexuality concerns. Never before has so much information been collected abut the real issues of men in Sydney.

Tantra is becoming the new language of love for truck drivers, accountants, barristers and stay at home dads, Kerry has educated a diverse cross section of the community. Kerry says a recurring concern for modern man is how to love a woman better. ‘There must be more’ ‘lovemaking is not to just intercourse’, ‘how can I bring my partner more pleasure?’ ‘what an I do to learn more?’.

Tantra reduces the pressure of performance based sex, Tantric lovemaking is intended to be pleasurable. The pressure is now off orgasm, erection, orgasm but focused on heart felt love making. that is feeling love and pleasure in the genitals at the same time as the heart.

Tantric master Kerry Riley and his partner Diane Riley, have been married for 26 years, They have been living in Sydney and teaching Tantric Tantra seminars and course around Australia including Perth, Byron Bay, Melbourne and Sydney. Tantra offers a much wider repertoire or thinking about sexuality. Tantra is an attitude which enhances pleasure and connection on every level.

Tantric secrets for men is a best seller and will remain a significant book in the tantra education area for years to come.

Improve Your Sex Life