Does tantra ignite a spiritual awakening?

Can Tantra  trigger a kundalini experience?

This was a question from some one interested in sacred sexuality and tantra .You can’t predict if it may happen, however it can.
Tantra can be life changing, changing the way sexuality is in your life.
Bringing more pleasure. Body awareness. Breath awareness. Awareness of your self in relation to your partner, in relation to your environment and in fact change your relationship to existence.
However expectation is a symptom of desire, wanting a certain outcome! So perhaps let go of goals and I invite you to go ‘Flow”.. into the mystery!! 
A spiritual awakening what does that mean to you?
Firstly are you in ‘presence’ and mindful in you life? and in your sexuality?
What practices are you practicing to cultivate a feeling of ‘presence’?
Tantra sessions can bring ‘body’, ‘mind’ and ‘spirit’ into harmony and therefore a more integrated experience is embodied.
This is where to start! Whether in partnership or on your own.
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