Learn Tantric massage

Learn Tantric Massage

Tantra massage with Australian School of Tantra


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When you learn tantric massage it has the potential for you to give your man more pleasure
than he has ever experienced before. He may have had a massage before,
but not like the one you are about to give him. Traditional masseurs avoid
our most pleasurable parts, but as a beloved you can learn tantric massage. But this time, the focus is on the whole of the
body and his wand of light is definitely part of that.

When you learn tantric massage your partner is going to love the experience. It will help shift the focus of his sexual experience from purely genital to an overall feeling of bliss on many levels. Not only will it be sensational for your partner, you will also thoroughly enjoy giving it. It will open you up to new experiences
because it will give you a sense of power. You will be orchestrating his
pleasure and initiating him into new areas of sexuality.

In ancient times, Aphrodite’s priestesses would welcome men
home from the ravages of war and, through similar practices, heal their
trauma and renew them, preparing them to re-enter civilised society once
more.When you learn tantric massage it helps charging in physical energy which
rushes pulsing through the body and revitalizes heart and mind.

First, set your bedroom ambiance: music, lighting, temperature and
refreshments. Be sure to reserve this time for his pleasure; let him relax; he
doesn’t have to do anything except receive your attention and your love.
For many men, to hear that all they need to do is to enjoy their woman’s
loving attention is a dream come true!

Chose your clothing as in supporting you being an ‘initiator’. For some
women, this can mean lacy underwear, for others it could be transparent
scarves and beads, for others still, maybe black leather.

Have massage oils prepared, a towel, warm water and, if you have one, a
massage table. Check to see you have everything ready so that you don’t
have to be distracted or keep getting up to find something.

After you learn tantric massage prepare your partner. Perhaps scrub his back in the bath and towel him
down. You could offer him his favourite food or drink and provide some…

From ‘Sexy and Sacred, sexual secrets for women’.. by Diane  Riley