Advanced Sexual Secrets for Men

Tantric Secrets for Men

Advanced Tantric secrets for Men

Tantric Secrets for Men


One of the least understood Tantric Secrets for Men is absorption of shakti energy, come along to the LoveWorks Tantra teacher training in Feb yet it is a subtle energy that you can pick up any time you are in the presence of a woman who is sexually aroused. Men may feel it but they don’t know what it is and have no idea how it can benefit them. If you are consciously aware of what shakti energy is, then that consciousness determines how you will use it. If you drink deeply of its energy, you will gain power.

… A conscious lover, aware of the power of the shakti energy, will drink deeply of that energy whenever he is in its presence. You should be especially aware at the point of orgasm because the room will fill with this magic energy. Look at your woman. Look how vital, and glowing she appears, flushed with the hormones, the energy, the juices that run through her body that can charge and empower you, fill you with creativity and energy. As she orgasms, breathe in deeply and absorb as much of the shakti as you can, then as you breathe out, imagine you are sending the energy back to her.

During orgasm the woman’s shakti energy is totally awakened, so use this time to tell her things that support her and her sexuality. At the point of orgasm or around that time, the woman is totally open to receiving imprints, things that you say to her. Never say anything that puts her down or makes her feel bad after orgasm because she is very open then. Utilise the time for healing. Say something about your love for her, how close you feel to her. Or use it as a time to override old patterns that she may have about the shape of her body or her sexual response.

Very often in day-to-day life your partner won’t really hear it when you say ‘I love your body,’ ‘I love your breasts’ or ‘I love the way you look.’ But in this open psychic state she has no choice. It will sink deeply into her subconscious and she will absorb it. So you can use this as a valuable healing time for your relationship.

It’s a great time to give your partner some positive conditioning in the area of her sexual loving. In ancient India women were taught positive connection with their sexuality. They were taught that with the shakti energy they could create harmony in themselves, in their family and in the world. Her subconscious may be impregnated with negative experiences, imprints that other men may have given her. Maybe she spent time with a man who never understood her sexually, just pounded away until he ejaculated. This builds up negative imprinting about sexuality and men in general. The point of her orgasm provides a great opportunity to heal some of this. In this way you are absorbing the shakti energy and sending energy back to her.

Extract from Sexual Secrets for Men p 172