Tantra Goddess in Women

Tantra Goddess for Women

Feminine essence is a potent transformative energy that flows
in a woman when her sexual and spiritual energies connect in a unified way. This is about the Tantra Goddess for women.

This essence has always been repressed and exploited for centuries. We are only aware of
a fraction of its potential.

When awakened, the tantra Goddess for women, it brings out the empowerer, the healer and
the “Goddess of Love” within a woman.

Long ago, ancient feminine wisdoms were passed down from woman to woman.

Do you want to have more Tantra  Goddess empowerment in your life?

In certain ancient cultures, when a woman was in such a blissful state,

her sexuality was imbued with spirituality. It was considered a sacred

experience. In these times, feminine wisdom, including sexual knowledge,

was passed down in women’s places of learning, from one wise woman

to another. Until recently, this rich inheritance of knowledge and sexual

practices had been lost and suppressed and the sacred aspect of sex denied.

Read Sexy and Sacred, sexual secrets for women to empower your inner Tantra Goddess.

See these testimonials:

Deva Premal—Pabu Music

“Most of the texts on tantra and Taoist sexology focus on what the man can

do for sexual and spiritual enlightenment not the women! So it is refreshing

to finally have a book on sacred sex for women, what a woman can do to

enhance her sexual aliveness and pleasure on her spiritual path.”


Ellen Ramsdale—Co author ‘Sexual Energy Ecstasy’

“Sexy and sacred’, Diane explores the beauty, magic and sacredness of sex

in from a woman’s perspective. It is as a gift to readers and anyone they

share the knowledge with-their friends, their daughters , and their lovers.”


Jane Manning—Film Director

“Sexy and Sacred offers a unique insight into the world of sexuality and

spirituality and how these two worlds can be woven into our lives. This book

is a perfect companion book for women to ‘Sexual Secrets for Men’. Highly

recommended for anyone who wishes to deepen their path into spirit and sex.”