Taste of Love sensation

A Taste of love Yummy
A Taste of love Yummy

 A Taste of Love Sensation

What does the ‘ A Taste of Love’ bring to you? Open your senses, relax and dive deeper into what delights your senses can offer your body. You can practice enjoying a Taste of Love.

We are often too busy to take a moment to sit and receive the bounties of our physical world can offer us with sight, taste, touch,  smell and hearing which are the five basic senses. these can nurture us, delight us, surprise us, enrich us. 

A taste of love,

is it in your lovers kiss, your lovers skin, your lovers hair? Erotic love, intimate love. 

Or what we can savour through the taste of love from our food.  A special meal prepared by a loved one or friend. 

Keys for a Savouring A Taste of Love 

come to a relaxing place within

bring your awareness closer in

take as long as you can and then even longer to open you month and to savour flavours



Practice Practice Practice! Enjoy, swallow, and savour the gifts and the experience!