A book on tantra for women – Sexy & Sacred preface

sexyandsacredbookpicPreface Extract from Sexy & Sacred; Sexual Secrets For Women

A book on Tantra For Women written by Diane Riley all material is copyrighted

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This book is not about theory. Held within these pages are secrets and practices that will work for you. I have no doubt about this because the secrets I share in this book are evolved from my professional and personal research derived from practices that I have studied and developed through actual experience and candid feedback from thousands of people of various backgrounds at our workshops and consultations. I am indebted to so many people who have talked honestly to me about this most intimate part of their lives, and have shared how these practices and skills have deepened their pleasure and experience of sexuality. These practices have helped sustain love and sexual passion in my own life, as well as nurture love in my relationship, by constantly supplying a fresh source of energy.

There are many books on sacred sex outlining various practices, some of which are also covered in this book. However, the difference here is that the emphasis is on practices for women; practices that women can do to open themselves to deeper pleasure and fulfillment, bringing greater passion and creativity into their relationships and all aspects of their lives.

Today, many women sense that their sexual expression and enjoyment is more powerful than they, or their partners, may be prepared to acknowledge or even know how to tap into or explore. Perhaps we are hesitant to do so because we are not quite sure where this will take us.Some women have connected with the sacred sexual feminine in a way that connects with transformative experiences while others glimpse or long for such expression in their own lives. Modern culture has inadequate understanding that sexuality and the sacred can fit so closely together and when these two traditionally opposing aspects of our lives are united, not separated from each other, our experience of sex, love and life expands producing the potential for greater personal wellness, sexual pleasure and societal harmony.

Fundamental to achieving this wellness, pleasure and harmony is honouring our erotic sexual selves. I call this our ‘inner sex goddess’, ‘the sensual feminine self’, ‘authentic sexuality’, ‘inner feminine sexiness’ … and more. We don’t have the language yet to fully express this idea or the experience of an authentic, deeply feminine, strong and highly sexual woman for whom sex is also aligned with her spirit. For some readers of this book, these terms may simply represent the playful, sexual side of themselves that they reserve for special occasions, one which has nothing to do with the spiritual but offers a sense of empowered expression which is out of the ordinary.

By learning women’s sexual secrets and doing the practices, you can embrace and cultivate your ‘sacred lover within’. I urge you to give the practices a try. At the very least you will find that you will enjoy sex a lot more, enhance your relationship, learn secrets your mother never told you, and have a lot of FUN in the process!



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