Connecting Deeper vs Phone use

Connecting deeper vs phone use


….This spills over into on going relationships. How much phone use do you do? Does your partner do?

Have you had enough of alienation, Has enough of wasting Love  making time, Do you want some coaching to open and reignite a truly passionate love life?

Where is the human connection you really want ?

It’s interesting with us humans, that most of us are vulnerable to some for of addiction, whether mild or heavy duty which we try to ignore, or pass over as just a little or big indulgence.

And the easiness of wasting time and scrolling and looking at our screens for minutes, then then some how turn into hours.

We ignore what we waste our precious life on.

Most of us are aware of the dopamine reward cycle of face book and the reward of another like!!

Human Connection depends on the warmth of touch,

the sound or vibrations of voice,

the harmony of sharing breath.

these too, trigger dopamine, sooth our inner selves, help regular our hormornes, our sleep cycle, inspire and underwrite our well being.

Take the challenge and Ban you phones from the bedroom for a week.

Wake with just yourself to start the day. Asking yourself ‘what will the day bring you?’ “what can you bring to your day and your world?’

With your lover, in bed, take a few moments to eye gaze, and in your own ways say good morning!



Take time out and learn some LoveScience and Tantra Skills!!!