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Tantric Couples session in Byron Bay with Diane Riley Director of the Australian School of Tantra

Close loving relationships provide the potential for the highest lovemaking possible. It is worth working on your relationship if you want to open up more possibilities in the area of your lovemaking, because as your relationship grows closer, your love grows deeper and sex gets better. There is nothing better than having a fabulous sexual experience with the person whom you love the most in life. Sex can be fabulous out-of-relationship, but it can be even more fabulous with a person who deeply loves and trusts you because then you have the intimacy as well as the sexual passion.

I would like to point out some of the things that I feel have been a great asset in keeping my marriage together and the relationships of many others with whom Diane and I have worked.

First of all, in discussing relationships it is important to point out that relationships in their current form in our society are not working. Statistics show that in Western societies more than fifty percent of married couples get divorced. Once we fall in love, we get married and take the vow to honour and love each other forever, in sickness and in health. Even though we may truly hope for this at the time, the evidence is that fairytale marriages’they got married and lived happily ever after’are rare. Yet deep down many people still expect this to happen for them, and when it doesn’t, they get deeply hurt.

If, on the other hand, we had been conditioned to accept and honour ‘serial monogamy’ as the norm, then we wouldn’t put such pressure on ourselves or our partner to be happily married and in love for a lifetime.

australian school of tantraFairytales and Relationships

But that is not how we are conditioned by the fairytales and by society. Our society has decreed that we marry for love and that love should last for a lifetime. This is a wonderful proposition. However, because we are given little or no education on how to achieve it, it’s destined to fail.

In Challenge of the Heart, by John Welwood; it is pointed out that ‘no earlier society has ever tried, much less succeeded at, joining together romantic love, sex, and marriage in a single institution.’ In traditional societies it was normal for marriages to be arranged by the families. Happiness was not the goal of marriage, which was more to do with family lineage and property. Feelings of love were never considered a reason for marriage. Marriage for love was not attempted until the nineteenth century. However, it was regarded as degrading for a woman in Victorian times to have sexual feelings, so men often had sex with prostitutes.

It’s important to understand the impact of this, to understand that you are a pioneer, one of the first of mankind throughout history to even attempt to combine love, sex and marriage. No wonder you have difficulties. It’s not simply to do with you and your partner’s inadequacies. It’s a huge challenge and there is very little education on how to combine love, sexual passion and marriage for a lifetime together. That’s why I love the work Diane and I do with couples on a journey into love. The average couple will not look at this type of education until they have big marital troubles.

What Diane and I teach is foreign to most people. As soon as we mention the work we do with love, sex and relationships, they say: ‘We don’t need it, but we know someone who does.’ Usually it is one of their friends who is having trouble with their marriage, love or sex. What they need is a counsellor, therapist or psychologist, not us. What Diane and I offer is education for happy couples who have chosen to explore the extraordinary in their love life and who are excited to learn all there is to know. They want to be great together.

If someone wants to be a great musician, singer or engineer, they do not rely only on their own knowledge. They will seek the best sources of education available. The same is true for lovers who want the best. The emphasis on individualism in our society, on ‘doing your own thing’, can work against marriage. Many couples who have gone off on their own personal growth paths separately from each other often find it difficult to integrate that individual growth in a supportive way in their marriage. I’m not suggesting that personal growth work should not be done. It is most important, but if you have done a lot of that, it’s time to create a balance between your individual needs and the needs of your relationship as a whole. Go to groups that support your loving relationship.

What Tantra Coaching with the Australian School of Tantra Offers.

In our sessions with singles we find a lot more men and women are wanting to do that to nurture and develop a long-
term relationship and go on a journey into love and growth together. I believe people are genuinely wanting to end the battle of the sexes and enter into a joint journey of personal growth and sexual, emotional and spiritual fulfilment.

We are entering what you could call the ‘We Generation,’ as opposed to the preceding ‘Me Generation,’ and this is happening on a global level. We need all the education we can get to make our relationships work, so I hope you will try some of the secrets I share with you.


  • Richard, 35 years, Shell and I have been living together for one and a half years, we get along so well. She is out going and very sensual. I wanted to learn more skills and be a bit more emotionally open with her. I googled tantra and found the Australian School of Tantra. The tantric skills Diane explained and guided us through really heightened the passion I felt, I was blown away! It was a wonderful experience with a lot of take home skills for us. I hope to do another session later in the year. Shell, 32 years. I had heard about tantra focusing on passion and more intimacy. And this is certainly what we got. I was in tears of emotion,. .. good emotion. Richard opened up, I felt so connected and a real transference of energy and connectivity with him. Absolutely amazing Diane. Thank you!!!
    Richard and Shell
  • Justine -22 Together 5 years Diane was absolutely lovely, non-judgemental, accepting and even incorporated some humour to keep us relaxed and at ease. I can tell she is confident with her own truth and that made me feel comfortable with my on. What she has done for us in this one session was just magical. From teats to deep feelings of groundedness she brought me on a beautiful journey with my partner. Thank you Diane. Daniel - 25 I enjoyed the perception and advice you were able to give specifically to us individually and as a couple. The techniques are simple and I hope to incorporate these into everyday life. I enjoyed their tea, the place and felt very comfortable! I am looking forward to using the skills Diane showed us to get in touch with the heart during sex more frequently.
    Justine & Daniel
  • Sarina 26 years: Tom and I discovered Tantra four years ago at the very beginning of our relationship. I had done some lessons with a Tantra teacher in Brisbane and then took Tom along also. We learnt some basic skills then but after the initial excitement of about a month we had stopped and couldn't work out why! Thank you Diane for providing some vital pieces to our jigsaw puzzle so we can continue on our journey. We had a foundation of Tantra in some of the previous practices and but lacked some of the pivotal understandings and skills which Diane provided. I highly recommend Diane and the Australian School of Tantra, whether you are new on this journey or already enjoying the benefits of Tantra as her depth of understanding and wealth of experience makes a huge difference. We will be back again for another coaching session soon. Tom 28 years: Diane was able to customize specifically for our needs as a couple. Sarina and I have a very good level of communication skills already so I was surprised by the power of insight gained by Diane's 'authentic communication practice'. Also I had previously learnt about semen retention practices but did not have much success. Diane theory and perspectives made so much sense and was easy to apply in my practices later with Sarina and suited me so much better than before. This in itself was amazing. Thank you.
    Sarina & Tom
  • Bill 54 years: As I work away in a fly in fly out situation there was always a period of adjustment when I went home. Nadia and I felt like strangers and it was very hard to break the ice and enjoy 'intimate time together' before I had to fly out again. This plus health issues put immense strain on our relationship. We had tried to speak to our local GP about it and to a referred psychologist , unfortunately they helped very little and our relationship deteriorated terribly that we were contemplating separation after 30 years. Our couples session with the Australian School of Tantra has allowed me to make a connection again with my wife. Since completing three sessions over 4 months ago, I have also noticed better communication and physical pleasure for my wife. We now get back to the basics, balance time for ourselves, working together to get back on track with our love life and lovemaking. This has not only saved our marriage, but I have learnt new skills, which I will practice, practice, practice. It is a wonderful path to take, it has opened my mind to a new way of thinking. We have now set out our sacred area, practice our breathing and exercises and we now have a much better understanding of the way we each ask for things. Nadia 52 years: Diane instructions on how to come together and to learn the tantric process has been invaluable. I found Diane to be amazing - as our situation was very complex - I didn't find the sessions confronting at all, she is very understanding and educational with a real depth of knowledge and experience which we benefitted from. We have both committed to study & invest in our new path taught to us by Diane.
    Bill & Nadia