Kundalini & AYURVEDA

Kylie De Giorgio Interviewed  Diane for her “Yoga for Sex” article in the WellBeing Magazine read an extract from this same interview regarding kundalini & AYURVEDA


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Katie Manitas of Jivamukti Yoga says kundalini yoga is often incorrectly thought of as sex yoga. Yogi Bhajan, the creator of kundalini yoga, emphasised monogamous relationships and deeper sexual commitment. He warned that any sexual relationship you have stays in your energetic body for the rest of your life, so choose your partners wisely.

Manitas explains that sexual problems, disorders or negative experiences can create a hole in your aura. In kundalini yoga, a master teacher can prescribe specific kriyas (sets of kundalini yoga postures) to heal this damage. Sex has the potential to either enhance or deplete our energy, depending on the intention and emotion behind the acts of intimacy.


Ayurveda recognises sex as an integral part of life (dinacharya). According to ayurveda, nourishing the sense organs in preparation for sex is important not only for intimacy but to satisfy and permeate consciousness. Ayurveda texts suggest flowers, soft silk clothing, sweet perfumes, light, nourishing food and sweet music.

Ayurveda believes excessive indulgence in sex dissipates the ojas (the living fluid of life found in the tissues of the body), weakening the immune system. Drinking homemade almond milk is recommended to promote strength and maintain sexual energy.


Kundalini is only one tool for a deeper intimate connection with your lover. For more sexual secrets for women and men read what experts in tantric sex have to say.