what is tantra

Kylie De Giorgio Interviewed  Diane for her “Yoga for Sex” article in the WellBeing Magazine read an extract from this same interview regarding other benefits of yoga for sex


To Read Diane’s Interview for the article please click here. 


Yoga attunes you to the intricacies of your body and mind and generates feeling on many levels. It awakens your senses to subtle vibrations. Yoga prepares you through the breath and movement to feel deeper connections and greater pleasure during sex. It also increases blood flow and strengthens the pelvic region. Yoga enhances the endurance, flexibility and strength required for a wider variety of sexual positions as well as longer duration. Yoga releases tension, heals and supports the nervous system and balances the flow of energy in the ida and pingala madis (channels) within you.

Sexual energy is a sacred life force to be embraced, whether you choose celibacy or sexual intercourse. Approach your sex life with an intension of light and love, embracing peace, passion and desire in an honest and intimate way. The trust, openness and sacred yogic tools you bring to your sex life will give you deeper, soul-satisfying sexual experiences in line with an authentic yoga journey. Use the breath to connect to and enjoy your sexual partner and find the divinity of your true self that resides in us all.


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