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Kerry & Diane in Poland presenting Golden Tantra

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Tantra Couple – Kerry & Diane in Poland presented their Golden Tantra Workshop for couples who are in love and want to nurture and celebrate and deepen all the joys that being in a committed relationship give. This is a summary of the workshop given in Poland this Spring and is was hosted Dawid and Zosia from Tantra Love….

Pic 1A brief account of the seminar and workshop with Diane and Kerry’ Riley. It was very inspiring!

Diane and Kerry Riley spent a very intense time in Poland. By participating in activities can be a lot for you to draw from their wealth of knowledge and experience The very being in the company of this loving couple with over 35 years of experience, therefore it was for many people, inspiring and very moving.


Expert Tantric Advice

During the evening several-day seminar and workshop we learned that Tantra, which teach Riley, is focused especially on practices aimed at building and nurturing long term relationships. Diane and Kerry met many schools and tantric techniques and sharpening them what serves their own relationship. Therefore, much attention devoted work on the combination of sexuality with your heart, on the creation of intimacy, intimacy and good communication in a relationship. This is very close to present our approach.

Pic 5They say that their tantric sex is transforming into “making love.” And they are very practical and take into account the hard realities in which they live persons attending the workshop. Family matters and work may cause, it is difficult to find time for a long, tantric ceremonies. Sami measured with the problem.


Diane’s Advice

Diane encouraged to approach all the tantric experience with the “innocent mind” (“no mind”), with mindfulness of what is “here and now”. Then you can feel the subtle energies. It is also important to establish boundaries, to enter into the experience with a sense of security and awareness of the direction to which one is going. When we clear boundaries, we can relax and joyfully explore the space within the boundaries. In Tantra – Kerry said about the expansion of energy. And when the limits are set, the expansion is done in a more feminine – with respect and compassion.

How To Turn Sex Into Making Love

To turn sex into “making love” must be respected female energy. Men in the workshop learned how to listen to women’s bodies and find in my body round, soft movements. When there is no bias to target, lined tension leading up to orgasm, sexual closeness happens in the movement, and the male fire is not quenched, but heats the water element in a woman. Modernity, according Rileyów, is obsessed with orgasm. Talking about sex is handled in the subject. As a result, “good sex” is now “completed sex orgasm, most common”. This attitude can make a loving couple is under pressure to address these issues, and the man is focused only mean, “How long endure.”

An alternative is to redirect attention to the experience of pleasure, little pleasures are happening from moment to moment during lovemaking. In tantra it comes to exploring, giving and receiving pleasure. The transformation of sex in “making love” also helps to look into each others eyes, breath awareness, purring and making other love notes. Another important thing is the ability to express their own needs, mutual respect and appreciation of her lover / beloved. In all proposed by Rileyów practices is important to the word “thank you” and positive communication (eg, instead of “I do not like it when you do” you say “I am pleased, and will be even more as you make it a little more gently?”).

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Tantra Practices 

One of the practices that allow to work on communication and build a relationship on the level of the heart is speaking to each other: “What I appreciate about you is …”. One person says, maintaining eye contact with the other, and the other takes those words without comment, simply reply “thank you”.Pic 4

We thank all participants for their time spent together! Let your relationships blossom beautifully through workshop experiences and new, they met in the classroom practices.

For those of you who could not attend, you can book Diane and Kerry Riley-ego “Rituals of the marriage bond. Secrets of successful partnerships. ” Most of the techniques presented their use and to our workshops. Building closeness and intimacy, as well as supporting long-term partnerships for us – especially in recent years – is very important. Riley encouraged the participants to continue to practice with us, to what we enclose, inviting well as other applications of knowledge of modern tools of tantra.