Wellbeing Article 2013

Kylie Terraluna Interviewed  Diane for her “Yoga for Sex” article in the WellBeing Magazine.


See below what Diane has to say along with other extracts from the article.

In the modern world, sex is everywhere. Sex sells and is big business. Sex is splashed across almost every screen and billboard you see. It feels good to be sexy, to be desired. Yet sex sold in the spirit of raunchy fun is without this intimacy the soul longs for.
The pervasive cheapening of the sacredness of sex in society leaves many feeling empty and spiritually void in their sexual relationships. One path to deeply satisfying sexual experience is through your sacred yoga journey.


Diane Riley of the Australian School of Tantra explains tantra as a way of life. Combining the hear of the genitals with the warmth of the heat and the cool bliss of meditation, tantra integrates all aspects of yourself. Tantric practices are about giving and receiving sexual energy for more soulful sex.

Riley teaches couples in her LoveWorks program how to combine the body, heart, mind and soul within yourself, then with your partner through lovemaking. A sense of timelessness and boundlessness and a deep connection with all things can occur.
In preparation for sex, Riley suggests that you:

1. Set a sacred space for lovemaking
2. Become present with each other through the breath.
3. Devote and set intention.
4. Connect and open at the heart, verbalising words of love.
5. Practise passionate sexual embrace.
6. Commune ecstatically in body, heat and soul.


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