Tantra is often Taboo

Indian journalist Spriha Srivastava interviewed Diane Riley for the Sunday Indian times. Sacred love versus pure sex;  Tantra is often taboo ! because people don’t understand it. People usually project their thoughts and fantasies in Tantra and think that’s what it is.  And when you speak of Tantra is often taboo. And that is why they tend to misunderstand […]

Lingam, what is the meaning?

Lingam, what is the meaning? Lingam, what is the meaning in the 21st Century? In western tantra ‘ Lingam’ is referring to the male ‘wand of light’, Does this have any reference to modern day lovers who practice ‘lingam honouring’ or ‘lingam massage’ ?? First lets look at what has been written, Subhamoy Das is […]

Tantric massage for women-Doing it for yourself!

The new “Pulling”: Tantric massage for women ..It’s not a coconut oil mouth rinse technique, much sexier than that… Did you know it’s great for your health to self pleasure? It raising your natural feel-good endorphins, increases your immune system, keeps colds away and radiates your bliss from inside out! How to … “Inner and […]

Women’s Weekend Workshop – Robertson – Celebrate menopause

~ Living the Dance: using Arts Therapies to Enhance our Lives ~ Next event: Women’s Weekend Workshop  Moving Menopause: Enhancing the Journey ~ Discovering how to more fully embrace and celebrate the passage of menopause ~ Through modalities such as naturally expressive movement and dance, pastels, clay-work, writing, body-sense; mindfulness skills and meditation, (no former […]

One Day Retreat- yoga, raw food & meditation

Yoga, Raw Food & Meditation Enjoy a One Day Retreat of Raw Food, Yoga & Meditation on Sydney’s North Shore on Sunday the 18th of May. Contact Soelae on hello@wellness-events.com.au for more information.

Do You Know Ishtar?

Who is Ishtar? ‘Qadishu’ or temple dancers in ancient Sumeria, dedicated their love to service of the goddess, Ishtar. These sexual priestesses of love were ‘sacred women of the goddess’ or holy women. Through sexual embrace, a temple priestess could take a man into a state of higher consciousness, to a place where physical delight […]

Uncovering your Sacred Feminine

In society where female sexual images are often exploitive and disempowering, can we reconcile and integrate our sexuality with spirit? Many myths and legends from various traditions have inspired and helped me to deepen my understanding of myself as a woman. Aphrodite, the best known ‘goddess of love’ in Western tradition, can offer us many […]

What’s In A Name?

In ancient India, the word yoni (I like to pronounce it ‘yonn-ee’, however it is also commonly pronounced as ‘yo-nee’, rhyming with pony) was acknowledged as the gateway through which we were all born. It comes from early Vedic tantric writings and means ‘sacred place, precious garden, field of pleasure, gateway’. Therefore in lovemaking, the […]

Lovemaking as shakti and shiva

Tantric Love

Shakti and Shiva The Tantric interplay of the male and female energies was represented in Hindu mythology with Shakti and Shiva, and represented in Taoism with yin and yang. Both Tantra and Taoism aimed to create union of body, mind and spirit. And in both, sexuality was seen and practised in a spiritual context. Tantra […]

Tantra European Tour 2013

Diane and Kerry share tantric wisdoms and practical knowledge so valuable to modern committed relationships. Whether you want to bring more pleasure to a partner, or a heightened sense of love and spirituality to your life or relationship, Diane and Kerry’s teachings of contemporary Tantra are accessible to everyone and profound combining sexuality, spirituality and […]