Tantra European Tour 2013

Diane and Kerry share tantric wisdoms and practical knowledge so valuable to modern committed relationships. Whether you want to bring more pleasure to a partner, or a heightened sense of love and spirituality to your life or relationship, Diane and Kerry’s teachings of contemporary Tantra are accessible to everyone and profound combining sexuality, spirituality and the path of partnership. Their wealth of experience affords them insight and understanding of the dynamics of sexuality and relationship.

Together Kerry and Diane were at the forefront of the introduction of the philosophy of sacred sexuality to Australia. Their books ‘Sexual Secrets for Men’, has been published worldwide in different languages, including Polish, ‘Sexy and Sacred, sexual secrets for women’ is a ground breaking approach to tantric practices for women, and they co created the DVD ‘The Secrets of Sacred Sex’, which has now sold over 200,000 copies. They are directors of Australian School of Tantra with established teaching of sacred sexuality for over 25 years.

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Train with tantric experts to get the best you can from your love life for you & your partner. Whether single or in a relationship this course will undoubtedly add enormous value to your love life.

These techniques can also help drastically professional by adding these techniques and modality to use with your clients to assist enhancing relationships and handling sexual issues.

During the workshop you will learn:

• Practices of Tantric & Taoist Sexology for longer lasting, heartfelt and more soulful sex
• How to Amplify deep attraction by building feminine & masculine polarity: Yin & Yang
• (If you are Women) how to connect deeply with your inner sacred goddess and take your man into experiences he won’t forget.
• The secrets to expand your orgasmic potential

• Tibetan Pulsing – rewiring of the motor nerves to release a new surge of energy and fresh juice into the sensation you feel during sex and in your whole life
• A powerful & little known practice from the temples of Tibet & the teachings of De- Raj for you to have the ultimate Tantric experience! Taught on Sunday – a unique opportunity not to be missed!
• What is the secret of connecting the energy of sexuality with the energy of deep love blending them into a divine opening to ecstasy.
• Authentic communication skills to validate each other and at the same time expressing your needs and desires
• Practical ways to initiate your partner into the ways of tantra and more heartfelt, soulful love making.

• Tantric meditations & breathing practices to keep you totally in the present moment- in the “power of now”

Diane and Kerry will give you the keys to keeping love and sexual passion alive in a relationship.

Please note: No nudity necessary all practices will be safe, supportive & fun

Organizers: Zosia and Dawid Rzepeccy: http://tantralove.eu/en/