Tantra is often Taboo

Indian journalist Spriha Srivastava interviewed Diane Riley for the Sunday Indian times. Sacred love versus pure sex;

what is tantra
tantra is often taboo

 Tantra is often taboo !

because people don’t understand it. People
usually project their thoughts and fantasies in Tantra
and think that’s what it is.  And when you speak of Tantra is often taboo. And that is why they tend to misunderstand
it. Tantra in its purest sense is sexuality and love, and
exploring it emotionally, physically
and spiritually. It’s about being at your highest, purest
and most authentic self. People usually fail to understand the
ritual or practice of love-making as it was in the ancient Hindu
culture. So what people understand,
very wrongly, is that it’s an orgy or  free sex or partner swapping. Tantra, in fact, helps one in working on one’s relationship. The initial reactions to Tantra When I first introduced Tantra to people 35 years ago, they would not even understand why I wanted to talk about sexuality and spirituality in the same breath? Neighbours were very suspicious that I was running a brothel in the suburbs, people I met in the neighbourhood thought we were kinky and subversive. People would think that sexuality just belongs to your physical body and spirituality belongs to the soul. That was 35 years ago! Now views have changed a lot, but with some it has not! More People realize the benefits of tantric principles to help in their relationship and to bring closeness, emotionally. It helps discover more sensual pleasures with one’s partner. Tantra can mean many things to different people.  For myself I didn’t want to explore Tantra in the swinging style. I wanted to explore deep and connected intimate love through Tantra. I would urge people to explore themselves and their relationship further’. I haven’t seen people stay together who are into swinging . When people go to swinging parties, I think it’s more to do with making a statement that I’m going to let go of my fears and explore sexuality; I’m going to let go of my cultural pre-disposition or what my mom and dad have taught me. And it’s alright to go and explore these things, but deeper relationships are disadvantaged with swinging.
It’s for people who want to explore such a thing and want to experiment. It’s not for those who want a partner for a journey through life. Swinging is
similar to group sex, it can be arousing, breaking down belief systems, an adventure. Tantra, sacred sexuality, on the other hand, can be about exploring sex with your  partner. Well, that doesn’t mean that one can’t have thoughts about someone else. But Tantra helps one realize those thoughts as your own desire and then channelize it to use that sexual energy with your own partner.  It’s about enhancing your sexual feelings and reaching a spiritual level. So if it’s emotional satisfaction that one needs then Tantra is the way. ”
Tantra sex consultant ,
Diane Riley tells Spriha Srivastava
the sunday indian 54 7 march
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