Flourishing relationships – hand on heart

Australian School of Tantra - Flourishing relationships
Flourishing Relationships

Flourishing relationships – hand on heart:

Hand on heart, is such a beautiful and simple practice to use connecting with your beloved. Best practiced with a gentle eye gaze, using the warmth of your hand to touch your beloved heart space. Enjoy a few moments to settle into the moment and nurture your connection, without words, without wanting, just be. This will assist your relationship to flourish!

This is a easy and simple practice to do!

However not always easy! It looks easy… sitting opposite. hand on heart, taking a few quite moments to gether, and eye gazing.  For many people it’s out of the question. Why??

Answers can range from ” we have no time’, ‘ the kids wont leave us alone, I’m to tired, he’s too tired, we work opposite shifts, when we have a moment we want to relax, I laugh too much when I look in their eyes, all we want to do, if we are alone together is to make out, I’m too embarrassed to ask my partner to sit with me.

This is meditation. This is intimate connection. 

Start with three minutes together, perhaps  relaxing music on if you prefer, Hand on his heart, then gently opposite.

Take a few breathes slowly thinking of just being here, with no agenda!

Then after a few minutes both shut their eyes and sit quietly again.

Try for 7 days in a row, with no discussion afterwards.

Try for 5 minutes before making love.

Try for 5 minutes before going out and doing some thing together or apart.

Hand on heart can be used and enjoyed with lovers, and with close friends there doesn’t have to be a sexual intimate relationship.

Flourishing relationships- hand on heart  is taught is a gentle guided way by the Australian school of Tantra in couples coaching sessions in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

This is a wonderful practice of many that Kerry and I have taught and introduced many many students and practitioners to over our 30 years of running the Australian
School of Tantra and we still benefit from the intention it magnifies when taking quite moments together.

I trust you too will enjoy ” Flourishing relationships – hand on heart”.