Expressing your inner sex goddess whilst Creating Boundaries

  Expressing your inner sex goddess       …whilst Creating Boundaries   When we enliven our sexiness, we become alluring and magnetic, like Aphrodite. So how do we remain connected to her golden glow but still protect ourselves from intrusions or abuse? This can be difficult, but it is important to find the balance between […]

Tantra Courses for Men

Improve Your Sex Life

Vogue Men – Sept 97 Tantra and Tantra courses for men an assist in so many sexuality and relationship areas. ‘Tantric Secrets for Men’, first published by Random House in Australia as ‘Sexual Secrets for Men’ was the subject of review by Vogue Magazine as seen below. Tantric teacher and tantric educator Kerry Riley has […]

The Art of Slow Sex

Article from The Australian Tantric sex practices offer a variety of sexual styles, from the dynamic fast, often a form of the quickie, to the slow and sensual. Tantra encourages tantric lovers to expand their lovemaking and ask lovers to dialogue with each other and include new ways of lovemaking. The Sydney Australian interviewed Kerry […]

Tantra Tantric Courses for Women

Telegraph Sept 05 Tantra Courses for women are an expertise of Diane and Soelae Riley. Diane has been studying and researching Tantra, tantric sexuality, Taoism, yoga, mediation and wisdom traditions since 1973. Diane and Kerry Riley, her partner of 26 years introduced contemporary tantra for modern lovers to Australia in 1987 after committed study of […]

Tantra Tantric Article- Tantra Mantra

Tantric Sex Articles

Sydney Morning Herald Spectrum – Oct 22-23 2005 Tantra Tantric article – Tantra Mantra  Tantra is an area of fascination, especially when a family is involved. Kerry and Diane Riley of the Australian School of tantra have been teaching tantra since 1987 and studying it since 1979. They are tantric experts, living and teaching tantric […]

Tantra and vagina- A woman’s sacred place!

Sydney Morning Herald Dec 11, 2009 Marie-Louise Olson (she interviews Diane Riley from the Australian School of Tantra and the director of Sexy and Sacred Workshops for women.) Writes….. In an era of rampant female sexuality it’s ironic that women’s genitalia remains taboo, The vagina. When was the last time you said the “v” word […]

What is Tantra?

Tantra The Byron Bay Echo Article by Louise Beaumont In certain ancient cultures sexuality and spirituality were entwined. Although not lost completely, ancient philosophies such as Tantra were known by few, and as time went on sex became a taboo subject in many western cultures. The world changed again however, as is the nature of evolution, […]

TANTRA Newsletter Article Spring 2012

ARE Women Aliens? Female behaviour does not have to make sense to a man. Stop wanting her to think like you! You may laugh, but a lot of men don’t get it! That while women can operate very much like men in the workplace, in roles as leaders, negotiators and managers, in relationships women are […]