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Sydney Morning Herald
Spectrum – Oct 22-23 2005

Tantra Tantric article – Tantra Mantra 

Tantra is an area of fascination, especially when a family is involved.

Kerry and Diane Riley of the Australian School of tantra have been teaching tantra since 1987 and studying it since 1979. They are tantric experts, living and teaching tantric skills and practices. It’s no ordinary family! Their two daughters, Soelae 25 years, and Lisa 23 years also have a keen interest in the perspectives of tantra.

Tantric philosophies as enthusiastically discussed at family gatherings with the girls and their partners. Tantra originally meant to expand, not remain rigid but be continually integrating new information and experiences in a harmonious and balanced way . Tantra encourages to expand in thought, not to be judgemental, remain flexible in thinking. Tantra includes the study of many things in life, that would contribute to being a cultured citizen; such as philosophy, dance, poetry, languages, devotions, and of course sexuality.

With this definition tantra is appropriate for modern life! Tantra is not about orgies or group sex. But some other tantra teachers do promote this version. However the Riley’s seem as wholesome as the regular soccer family. Tantra has been the corner stone of their 26 year marriage. they have taught Tantra tantric seminars and workshops around Australia, Melbourne, Sydney, Byron Bay, Perth as well as USA, Canada, Japan and Italy. Tantric Sex Articlesspectrum-text