Tantra Tantric Courses for Women

Published Tantra ArtilesTelegraph Sept 05

Tantra Courses for women are an expertise of Diane and Soelae Riley. Diane has been studying and researching Tantra, tantric sexuality, Taoism, yoga, mediation and wisdom traditions since 1973. Diane and Kerry Riley, her partner of 26 years introduced contemporary tantra for modern lovers to Australia in 1987 after committed study of Sacred Sexuality as a path for conscious relationship and personal development.

Tantric philosophy is now a path for their daughter soelae, 26 years, who joins Diane to teach tantric skills and techniques and contemporary tantric philosophy to women, in their Tantric Goddess Courses for women.The Australian School of Tantra presents tantric courses for women in Sydney, Melbourne, Byron Bay and Perth. These tantra courses have been the subject of many media interview including the tantra article below, published in the Telegraph in 2005.

‘Tantra course for women’ has a different emphasis than tantra courses for men or even for couples. Sacred Sexuality for women embodies the feminine. An authentic core feminine which can be quite different than the ‘feminine’ as projected by modern culture. So much of the modern feminine swigs between being ‘out there’ , raunchy,at times sexually abrasive modelling itself on a chauvinist style, then to a girly, helpless sex kitten. Where is a true and authentic sexual feminine for you?

‘Tantra courses for women’ empower women to establish a strong connection with their inner tantric goddess, through lecture, discussion, guided practice and tantric and kundalini meditation for women. Of course in media articles the sexual instruction parts of the day have been exaggerated for shock effect.

Susan, from the last tantra for women course, reported that ‘Diane has a beautiful style of delivery. She speaks to us as if we are having a conversation with her. Not like some other presenters who are airing their knowledge. Diane manner is so easy and inclusive yet she holds so much practical wisdom.’