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Tantric experts Kerry and Diane Riley of the Australian School of Tantra were interviewed for the Australian, in the road test issue. Topical areas in modern city life were selected and of course Tantra sex was included and Diane and Kerry Riley were interviewed.

Tantra is no longer a way out hippie airy fairy pursuit. Tantra is becoming recognised for what insights, skills and techniques it has to offer couples and singles to the broader questions of love and sexuality. It’s not just about multiple or extended orgasm. Tantra includes tantric loving skills of body, heart and soul. The tantric lessons have been distilled by Kerry and Diane Riley in their home tantra study course. It includes a tantra 80 page workbook and 8 tantric lessons on MPS. in this way men, women and couples can read, practice and integrate tantric lovemaking and heart intimacy skills to enrich and enlivens their loving practices.

Tantra for women: 

Tantric lovers cultivate emotional intimacy, and this is what most women say they want more of. Tantra has many ways to establish and nurture deeper heart connections The other area of interest is improving and expanding sexual pleasure and of orgasms. Tantric skills and tantric techniques provide a path for a loving journey together.

 Tantra for men: 

Sexually men face two major difficulties in their lives. Number 1 is coming too soon, leaving their woman frustrated and the man disappointed. Number 2 is not being able to make love when your woman wants to because you can’t get an erection, leaving your woman disappointed and your self image devastated.

 Tantra gives you the secrets and practices of how to solve these difficulties and includes:


  • making love as long as you choose
  • the importance and benefits of ejaculation control
  • learning to receive
  • why do men come so quickly.

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