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Tantra Sex workshops and lessons include many tantric lovemaking skills.

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Eyes wide open

Most people shut their eyes while making love and enter their own space. Of course, it can be really nice. But, to feel more love, it helps to look into your partner’s eyes. Your eyes are the windows to your soul. Look into your partner’s eyes as he gazes into yours — tell each other how much you enjoy and love one another, how precious they are to you. This is the second thing you can do to create more heartfelt feelings while making love; talk to your partner, share your innermost feelings of love.

Men, especially, find it difficult to get the feelings of love during lovemaking because all of their energy gets caught in their genitals. It’s easy for men to feel sensation in their penis: the challenge becomes getting that sensation in their heart as well, so that the heat of their genitals resonates with the warmth in their heart. This is the difference between a good lover and an extraordinary lover.

Tantra sex teacher Kerry wisely advises men in his Sexual Secrets for Men‘it’s not the number of strokes you can do with your lingam but how much love you can send with your ‘wand of light’ that makes the difference.’ You can help your man to learn this skill by practising the things I have suggested in this chapter.
However, as some men find the intimacy exercise extremely confronting, here is a practice that will give him this skill physically without having do the ‘other’ exercises. Most men we have surveyed find this the most enjoyable and easiest to do.

Tantric connection 2

Heart-lingam connect

Have him lie down on his back as you sit between his legs. Then, pleasure his lingam (you could use some of the magic strokes already suggested), or give him oral sex until he is fully erect and charged with energy. Have him open his eyes, then put one hand over his lingam and the other hand on his heart centre. Make eye contact, talk to him and tell him you love him. This helps to connect the pleasure and passion he feels in his genitals to the warmth in his heart and intensifies his feeling of love for you.

Also try running your palm from his genitals along to his heart centre then through to his shoulders and down to his hands. Do this in long, sweeping strokes, one hand after the other, for five or six strokes. Breathe in deeply as you stroke up to his heart and breathe out as you take it down his arms.
Ask him to follow your breathing — this helps to lift the sexual energy away from the genitals to the heart and upper body. You can also use a sweeping stroke down his thighs. Your hands can help create pathways, not only for the energy to flow to his heart and upper body, but also through his lower body and feet. Once a man develops this connection with his heart, then during lovemaking, all you need do is simply reach out and touch his heart centre. It will act as a reminder for him to get in touch with his love, not just his performance.

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