Tantric Sex and Sweat

Tantra sex can produce heat and therefore sweat. Sweat, after all is a natural body fluid and as tantra teaches ‘the body is our temple’ and all that is of the body is sacred! Even sweat!

Tantric sweat is attractive! You can influence the smell of sweat so that it is not a turn off, but a tantric turn on!

How can I do this? Many students ask me, and you may know you are what you eat and this especially applies to your sweat. Eat meat and more meat and processed sugary foods and you get foul sweat. Eat vegetables, grains and lots of fragrant herbs and your tantric sweat will be delicious!’

‘For women there’s nothing like the smell of a man’s sweat. Androstadienone is a male chemical signal found concentrated in men’s sweat. Researchers measured levels of the hormone cortisol in the saliva of females after they took 20 sniffs from a jar of androstadienone. Cortisol is secreted by the body to help maintain proper arousal and sense of well-being, respond to stress and other functions. Cortisol levels in the women who smelled androstadienone shot up within roughly 15 minutes and stayed elevated for up to an hour. Consistent with previous research, the women also reported improved mood, higher sexual arousal, and had increased blood pressure, heart rate and breathing.

For comparison’s sake, women also smelled baking yeast, which did not trigger the same effects. So forget your high priced cologne guys, turn up to your next date with a nice sweat going and just let the rest happen.’

Source: Journal of Neuroscience

Tantric lovers take note ! Tantric lovers will bath together or better still lovingly bath each other to ready themselves for tantric sweaty love.  Drink peppermint tea, eat lemongrass and Thai basil in your food for a week or two and notice the difference.

Diane Riley 2008

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