Tantra and the Divine Feminine for 2015

Kerry Alter New Year Blessing 2015 (432x640)Tantra and the Divine Feminine: A blessing for 2015


Well another year has finished, and what a wonderful year it was for Tantra and the Divine Feminine. And both Kerry and myself have been busy blessing in 2015, by renewing our alter to honour Divine love, joy, and pleasure; for our ourselves, our family, our friends; and the community at large.

On our Tantric alter we include our lovers teacups that are beautifully crafted and unique, they were crafted by hand by a potter in Armidale; and we have had these cups for over 20 years. I use these cups to serve mint-tea for every couple that I work with. Kerry and I use these teacups ourselves for our own Tantric rituals; I believe they gather power, and thus the cup of love deepens.

We like to cover the different elements, ensuring we acknowledge the four directions, and five elements; which is why we include candles, incense, precious shells, rocks and flowers.

A new addition since our trip to Kyoto, Japan is a sacred Buddhist bell which has a beautiful resonance and after we ring it the tone can be heard for a very long time. I imagine our intention and blessing being carried to the edge of the universe by its sound.

Tantra and the Divine Feminine

The Tanka hanging on the wall behind our alter is of a Vajrasatta and Ghantapani in Yab Yum. They are a couple in a bliss experience which spreads beyond them influencing family, community, country, the earth and all things. Together in union they embody compassion and wisdom, attaining oneness and peace.

So I encourage you to renew your alter for the New Year, if you haven’t already, with some of your favourite things. Imagine that you are doing this for a VIP, because Tantra is about having beauty around, as much as possible.

Both Kerry and I send you great blessings for the year ahead.

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