Shiva Lingam Worship

hindu3Shiva Lingam Worship

In Tantra, males and females see the divine not only in each other’s faces; they also see the divine in each other’s genitals. In Hindu temples, there are replicas (usually stone carvings) of the Shiva lingam (the penis of Shiva). These do not represent the genitals of a male but the masculine, divine principle of Lord Shiva, the ever renewing erection of male creativity; the ‘Shiva essence’. Many religious rites involve offerings and prayers to the Shiva lingam to honour this divine energy of creation.

When the male organ is honoured as the Shiva lingam, love-making takes on a different meaning. His lingam becomes a manifestation of Shiva’s creative energy and, by immersing yourself in deep appreciation of his masculine energy; you are absorbing this creative force (the Shiva essence) into yourself. This will mix with your natural feminine energy (your Shakti essence) to create wholeness, and may give you a feeling of expanded consciousness or, some would say, create a transcendental state.

Extract From Sexy & Sacred by Diane Riley ©