Aphrodite and the Sacred Feminine

Aphrodite and the Sacred Feminine


In a Western society where female images are often exploitative and disempowering, how can we reconcile and integrate our sexuality with our spirit?

At particular times in antiquity, women’s sexuality was seen as sacred. There is a rich mythology that surrounds the principle of the sacred feminine and sexuality. If we look back and understand the reason for that connection between pleasure and spirit, we can discover the relevance of these ideas to our contemporary lives and use these ancient principles to our benefit now.

Aphrodite, the best known ‘goddess of love’ in Western tradition can offer us many lessons on the value of desire and pleasure within the feminine being.

Aphrodite, a Greek goddess first written about by the Greek poets Homer and Hesoid around 700 B.C.C. was revered for her power sexuality, and grace. The goddess was pivotal to many early, earth-centred civilisations; and was considered the creative source of all life.

Extract From Sexy & Sacred by Diane Riley ©