Maire Claire December 2013 – Part 2

Maire Claire Dec 2013

Diane Riley of the Australian School of Tantra was approached by Lollie Barr from Marie Claire about an interview for an article titled:

“I’d never had an orgasm until…”

Diane put her in contact with a student who had never had an orgasm until exploring tantra, Is was published in Maire Claire Dec 2013…  Read part 2 of the article below:

Part 1

….I went to the appointment without telling a soul, not even Adam. During the first session, it was as if a light had flicked on. For me, sex had been a physical act. I associated it with intercourse and orgasm, whereas Tantra made it about intimacy. My mind was suddenly open to the limitless possibilities of lovemaking. Sex was supposed to be soulful and heartfelt, and orgasm wasn’t the goal- pleasure was.

An important component is the breath work, where you channel energy up your vagina- know in Tantra as they ‘Yoni’, meaning ‘sacred space’ – to the heart centre and then back down again. For homework, Diane showed me some Tantric foreplay techniques, as well as the pelvis floor exercises to practice, and a sequence of circular motions and figure eights with my hips, the idea being to increase blood flow to the pelvic region.

Diane suggested Adam and I return together for a couple’s session. Adam was surprised, but he was really supportive or my desire to deepen our connection and sex life. During our first session, Diane explained the importance of us strengthening and toning our pubococcygenus (or PC) muscles. – the active muscle of contraction during orgasm – to increase our pleasure potential. I’d feel more sensation and Adam could last longer. We also did work to connect our heart energy to our sexual energy to help intimacy.

I felt turned on and very much in love. That night we went home and created a sacred lovemaking space by lighting candles and expressing our appreciation of each other. We did the breathing exercises, using the power of sound to bring us further into a moment. We had a book that showed how to experiment with different foreplay or love-play techniques.

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