Maire Claire December 2013

Diane Riley of the Australian School of Tantra was approached by Lollie Barr from Marie Claire about an interview for an article titled “I’d never had an orgasm until…”Maire Claire Dec 2013

Diane put her in contact with a student who had never had an orgasm until exploring tantra. Here is what she had to say:

“I found sexual ecstasy and connection with my partner after Tantric sex sessions”


Kristi, 32, works in finance

“We were in the office of our Tantric teacher but there were no inhibitions in there. Adam* had never looked sexier as he stared into my eyes while cupping my vagina, and I returned his gaze and held his erection in my hands, The sexual energy was intense, but I felt so emotionally connected to him as we breathed in unison. I couldn’t wait to get home that night.

Before I discovered Tantra, orgasm was a case of nearly there, but not quite. I’d discovered it was quite common for women not to climax, so I wasn’t really embarrassed by it and I simply accepted it as fact. Then, in February 2012, I fell in love with Adam. I reassured him that while sex could still feel good, my body just didn’t work that way. Deep down, however, I knew I was acting as if I were having more fun than I was. There was another element too: Adam often didn’t last long during intercourse.

Then, the following February, a sexually adventurous girlfriend was telling me about an amazing orgasm she had after doing a Tantric sex workshop when I admitted I hadn’t ever come.  She said I should give it a go, so I signed up with the Australian School of Tantra in Byron Bay, NSW. The director, Diane Riley suggested a one-on-one session to begin with, so I’d feel more comfortable.


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