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By Diane Riley

Extract from Australian Natural health – Spring 2005
In Tantra, the goddess, Shakti was the consort of Shiva. Together, they represented the divine couple. She was creativity and he was pure consciousness. Sacred sexuality teaches that as male and female come together in sacred union, bliss can be created.

Sometimes, during heightened lovemaking experience, we move into a transcendental place, a timeless space where we feel totally connected to our partner, ourselves, and the whole universe. Some would say they have a tangible experience of the Divine. In Tantra, such a state is called bliss, or nirvana. When these spiritual experiences happen, it is a gift.
How can we create this in our busy hectic lives? It seems only a dream for a lucky few who have lots of time, energy and whose energy is in sync with their partners at the same time. Partners often struggle with being in the mood and ready for love when the other is! Add careers, children, extended family and other commitments, both emotional and financial, to the equation then we might be lucky for everything to fall into place in a ‘blue moon’. And the time between these beautiful connected lovemaking spaces often widen as the relationship matures and the business of life demands priority.

Contemporary tantra can enhance modern relationship in simple and profound ways. Sacred sexuality and tantra can give us a few lessons on opening up to love with
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a partner on all levels – body, heart and soul. The magic of love and connection can be helped along. We are never too old for openness, wonder and playfulness to ignite our senses on all levels and bring us the benefits of a potent aphrodisiac.

Thus, one of the first practices you can adopt from Tantra – the attitude that sex can be sacred. That lovemaking is a renewal of energy, inspiration, creativity you can acknowledge this to yourself when you’re in a state of sexual bliss, that it is a spiritual experience connecting you to the Divine, which includes your own inner Goddess.

One of my favourite tantric practices is including rituals to help transform sex into a tantric infused experience, where the ordinary becomes the extraordinary. Of course a goddess requires a special place of love!

Setting up a place of love- golden space
Make your bedroom an expression of your sensuality. You can start with a vase of flowers, a feather, a shell, and an antique perfume bottle on a small bedside table, anything that symbolizes the feminine. Perhaps put new curtains and new pillows in the room and place books of love or erotic poetry next to your bed. It can be a place that when you step into it, you feel transformed. By doing this, you are creating a world of your own choosing, an expression of your innermost self, where you feel relaxed and beautiful. Let that aspect of your inner goddess come forth, for she is the Goddess of Beauty, creating beautiful surroundings that soothe the spirit and please the senses, a place where your sensuality is an expression of your divine self.

For a special, sacred lovemaking session, start a collection of essential oils such as rose to open the heart, sandalwood for sensuality and massage oils. You may like to have things of significance to you, a special bell, a beautiful shell that you fund on the beach while on holiday, candles for romantic lighting or incense as a seductive fragrance. Often, sacred lovers will have special robes, underwear, jewellery and sarongs reserved exclusively for their private time together s. Try robes of sensuous fabric with perhaps a degree of transparency or a scarf to be tied around the body, or you may enjoy leather or mesh materials, whatever makes you feel special! Introduce this idea to your partner. It’s certainly fun to shop for some special things together. It allows the softer side to develop in both of you.

When you’re in your own sacred place, you can feel safe to let your inner Goddess free. If you’re not in your own place, then before practicing Tantra, I recommend that you envisage a protective bubble around you, like a sphere of golden light in which you and your beloved are totally immune from the cares and worries of the outside world. Within this imagined globe, you and your beloved can relinquish your daily existence and embrace the Divine in yourselves and each other.

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