True Intimacy Goes Beyond Sex

Australian Natural Health Magazine July 2009

Tantra article by Jade De Souza interview with Diane Riley

True intimacy goes beyond sex:

It is about making mental and spiritual

Connections that can have profound effect on teh success and enjoyment of your romantic relationship.

emotional intimacy is achieved on a psychological levels entails respecting and honouring your true feelings and sharing them openingly with your partner. Increasing level of trust and communicatioon in your relationship fosters uninhibited disclosure of your most inner most selves.

How can you create meaningful and mutually satisfying heart to heart connection with your partner? Diane and Kerry riley, founders and diresctors of the Australian School of Tantra, explain that tantric practices are great for couples who want to pull themselves out of complaacency and return to being deeply in love. “Tantra is an ancient Indian philosophy that regards the male and female union as a path to enlightenment. connecting the sexual with the soulful, tantra harmonies male and female energies, cultivating and nurturing connections between lovers,” Diane says.