Sex, Death & Desire

Australian School of tantra Publicity

Australian School of tantra PublicitySex, Death & Desire features video footage of philosopher Simon Critchley, an interview with Diane Riley of the Australian School of Tantric Sex, alongside images and animations on the subject of Goddess worship, musings from evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins about atheism as well as clips of the Mexican celebration Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) and sombre images of a candlelit parade past the grave of Polish film director Krzysztof Kielowski. In addition, audience members are treated to live music written by Simmons, as well as Sengalese Griot drumming from Pape Mbaye and his son Yaccu, and Maori singer, Merena.

“There are lots of ideas in the show that people haven’t perhaps thought of before,” Simmons says. “What I like to do with my work is not give you the Hollywood narrative where you’re instructed how to respond emotionally. I’m throwing up images that have inspired me and I’ve responded to in a certain way and then leave it to the audience to take away what they want from it. So you’ve got Tantric sex which is good for everyone involved and it’s all very positive and based on Yogic ideals and then you’ve got an interview with a guy who is addicted to porn.”

Sex, death and desire are all topics that are shied away from, especially in Western cultures, Simmons says. “When my father died, my mum said she saw a friend cross the street because she didn’t want to speak to her, not for any bad reason but she didn’t have the language or education. ‘

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This is to be shown at the Opera House, Studio.

By Katrina Fox 4/04/2007 6:42:41 PM.

It was so interesting meeting John. He is insightful, funny and so creative. I was very happy to be part of the project as I believe widening perspectives is so important! So often we don’t realise that our belief systems are so influenced by what drives our culture, so it’s great to keep an open mind and question whether our beliefs about sex, love and desire really serve us for what we would like for ourselves or do these run us. If they do we often spend a great deal of our life in struggle energy which could be experienced as joy, pleasure, love and gratitude.