About tantra-love-connection.

Diane Riley explains that tantra is a whole way of life. By combining the heat of the genitals with the warmth of the heart and the cool bliss of meditation, tantra integrates all aspects of yourself. Tantra practices are about giving and receiving sexual energy for more soulful sex. Diane teaches couples in her Love Works program how to combine the body, heart, mind and soul within yourself then share it with your partner through lovemaking. She says sex is not about the physical act, but being open in your heart and integrating sex with spirit so that ultimately, the sexual experience has a sense of timelessness, boundlessness, and a deep connection with all things.
Diane teaches the couples to prepare for sex as follows:

1. Set a sacred space for lovemaking;

2. Become present with each other through the breath;

3. Devotion and setting an intention;

4. Connecting and opening at the heart, verbalising words of love;

5. Sexual embrace.

Diane shares an ancient Chinese five minute sexual meditation practice as taught by Taoist Dr Stephen Chang. The couple lie down and have sexual penetration without movement or orgasm for five timed minutes. There is entry and holding only. In Sexy and Sacred  Diane calls this the Daily Devotion Practice. It must not lead to sexual intercourse in any way. That is reserved for another time. This builds intimacy and trust as well as balancing desire in both male and female. Diane says ‘out of all the teachings this is the one tantric skill that couples report still sharing and of being of great benefit years later’.