my mum teaches Tantra

my mum

My Mum teaches Tantra!

What did you say, when young adults, to the question ‘What does you mum do?’.

Apart form all the regular answers of what mums do for their families?  Many may ask, ‘Does she work?

My daughters would say ‘She teachers tantra?”, and remember this was quite a few years ago.

Responses varied…’What?’ ‘What is Tantra?’ ‘Did you say tantrum?’

Then curious  friends quizzed  further.. “Are your parents Por.  no stars?’ or are they like the Fockers?

and lots of other question ensued. They answered mum talks about Aphrodite and Venus ‘ the Greek and Roman goddesses ‘ of love.

Not only the some friends but then many of their parents!!

Talking about positive physical intimacy was and still carries stigma!

To the credit of my beloved , then as older teenage children, now adults they have been very supportive,

and in fact occasionally assist with workshops and events that support about healthy ways to support love and passion in

adult life and in relationships. About experiencing a heart felt connections with the one you love.

So many of the couples I have coached over the years say to me ‘this has been a game changer’,

‘these perspectives and skills I’ve put into place and are so very helpful, I wish I knew this when I was young’.

How do we keep passion, presence and love alive. How do we continue to sustain and thrive in love,

while doing the dishes, making the bed, paying the bills, going to work, having a family, being in the community in a way that we can make a positive difference?

These are vital questions?

Maybe …We are so intentional with business, making money, superannuation, saving, planning social and business events. I have found  being intentional with love, with appreciation, with kindness, even if its twice a day. 5 mins twice a day! Can make a difference to my mind set as well as those close to me.