Madame Seduction at the Kylie Minogue Lingerie launch- Seduction is an exciting topic!

kylie-launchKylie Minogue and Bessie Bardot

‘Read an extract from Diane’s talk as Madame Seduction at the Kylie Minogue Lingerie launch Feb 2004′

Seduction is an exciting topic!

  • What is seduction?
  • Who seduces who?
  • What helps in the game of seduction?
  • How do you use seductive secrets in the game of relationship?

Firstly please be clear I’m not talking about the negative connotation of the word that is associated with manipulation and coercing someone against their better judgment. Seduction is intertwined with flirting, Seduction is for fun, for a positive experience, for exhilaration, for initiating relationship whether you wish to attract a new lover or seduce the one you already have.

Who are the seducers?
A lot people think that in the courting game, men are the first to initiate the courtship. Men perceive themselves as the seducers, most of the time. However men often stand around for hours holding a drink in their hands wondering if she’s interested or not the reality is that in almost all successful pickups, it is the woman who seduces the man without saying a single word.

Women are taking the lead; they are not waiting for the man to make the first move. Researcher Monica Moore of Missouri University , who has observed more than 2000 hours of flirting, women give non verbal cues that get flirtation rolling two thirds of the time. As a result s man may think he’s making the first move because He is the one, who literally moves from wherever he is to the womens’ side, but he is usually the one being summoned.

So what is it that helps in this game of seduction?
We know about…..

  • Making the most of your good looks,
  • Developing your sense of humor,
  • Your intellect and wit,
  • Your prestige and wealth!!

These are all on the list when attracting a partner. Plus now we have the Art of Tantra.
In our culture today, we do not always choose, as the object of our desire, those people the evolutionists say the most biologically desirable. After all, many young women today find the pale, androgynous, scarcely muscled yet emotionally expressive Leonardo DiCaprio more appealing than the burly hulks (Arnold Schwartzenegger, Bruce Willis, Claude Van Dan etc.) of action movies..
Woody Allen may look nerdy but he’s had no trouble winning women but because he is has a clever sense of humor.

We flirt with the intent of assessing potential Partners, we flirt to have easy, no-strings-attached sex, and we flirt when we are not looking for either. We flirt because, most simply, flirtation can be a liberating form of play, a game with suspense and ambiguities that brings joys of its own.
What helps in seduction- there is a science of seduction, and I’m going to mention just a few.
Through the ages women have dressed not only to feel good about them, but to impress, they accentuate their feminine charms…

  • Their cleavage with a fabulous bra,
  • Their legs with a great pair of stilettos or shoes
  • They know the male of the species can’t help but notice.

The breasts
It’s almost impossible not to admire a beautiful cleavage. There may be many beautiful women but not always they are the ones who seduce the man of their choice. There are other women who seem to have the seduction magic. And part of their secret is a ‘seduction vibe’. Which is often sent out through their Body Language. It is important to remember this – everything about seduction is based on the following two facts:
Nonverbal communication has five times more impact than verbal communication.

So what is it?
Here are some well practiced seduction tips you may or may not be conscious you are using; they have been practiced throughout history from the time of Garden of Eden to ancient Egypt into modern times. These are techniques you can hone and develop for your own seductive goddess.

Our eyes, some say are the windows to our soul, to our deeper parts of ourselves.
Eye gaze can send sensual signals
The side ways glance that Princess Diana made famous.
Remember a welcoming gaze can fill a prospective mate with confidence to approachdiane&kylie-models

Luscious pouting lips. Since the days of Cleopatra red lip color has enhanced the lips. Lip color is said to reflect the color of your other luscious bits.
Our modern day goddess of the lips is Angelina Jolie!
Draw attention to you lips by, biting the upper lip with you lower one, biting on a straw, a pen ect.

More on the cleavage
Seductively playing with necklace or touching your skin just above the cleavage, this keeps his attention, as your hand, is where his hand would like to be?

You can open him to sensual pleasures of your goddess touch whether it’s a long term relationship or a new admirer.
There are many modalities of touch. Soft and light, firmer,
Slow or faster, the back of the nails or open palm, all are great.
Touch your foot next to his
Touch your thigh to his when standing your sitting
Touch the inside of his elbow
J ust briefly or linger as long as you choose.

These are primary seductive techniques however there’s more.

Some women are now more in touch with what I call their seductive vibe, I call this Sensual goddess, your tantric Goddess or inner Aphrodite.
They are taking the lead and enjoying
Their sensuality and giving themselves permission to enjoy seduction and desire.

Goddess Allure
Each culture and era in history has had their goddesses of feminine love and desire. The Roman Goddess Venus and Aphrodite from ancient Greece, Shakti from the Great sensual tradition of Tantra from India; Inanna who was the queen of heaven and the queen of earth from ancient Babylon.
They all embodied the great goddess of love, who was joyously proud of her own body, seeing it as part of the divine nature of the universe. This was not out of vanity, but stemmed from a deep respect for her feminine nature. She luxuriated in her beautification—and in sensual lovemaking. …