2019 LoveWorks Tantra Teacher Training:

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LoveWorks Tantra ProgramFor Working with Couples and Singles

This training can also be used to teach individuals how to
integrate LoveWorks practices into their love life and their relationship.

Byron Bay 2019 May 2/3/4/5  

Australian School of Tantra

Diane and Kerry Riley directors of the
Australian School of Tantra and creators the LoveWorks Program

Authors of the Internationally best selling ‘Tantric Secrets for Men’, and ‘Sexy and Sacred’, plus co creators of the Internationally acclaimed DVD “The Secrets of Sacred Sex’.

‘Our vision is to facilitate access to the theories and practices of contemporary tantra, including,

relationship connection and  sacred sexuality to enhance harmony,

fulfilment and transformation for individual and couples.

We teach a positive view of sexuality helping to expand love within relationships

and promote creativity in all areas of life including sexuality.’

The following is a detailed introduction to the training. We receive a lot of applicants for our Professional Trainings so we want you to have a clear understanding of what the training is offering you before you and we make a decision for you to participate. We suggest you PRINT this out, so you can go through it in detail when you have the time.

This training is developed by Diane and Kerry Riley directors of the Australian School of Tantra – Established Tantra Teachings for over 25 years. Their work with couples has been long-established and highly regarded, teaching seminars, 3 day weekend workshops, overseas live-in workshops in Bali, Japan and Italy, Europe and private couples and individual consultations. They are both published authors with best-selling books; Kerry’s ‘Sexual Secrets for Men: What every woman will want her men to know’ and ‘Tantric Secrets for Men’, which was published internationally – Australia, US, Germany, India, Poland and other countries, and Diane’s new book ‘Sexy and Sacred: Sexual Secrets for Women’ has been enthusiastically received by women and the men who love them . The DVD they co-created, ‘The Secrets of Sacred Sex,’ has sold over 200,000 copies world-wide.

Australian School of Tantra has offered Professional Teacher Training – Tantra Goddess Practitioner Training for 10 years with Practitioners in every state working full or part-time with great success . Over the last few years many requests have been made for a professional training in couple’s and singles  work, from psychologists, masseurs, acupuncturists, yoga teachers, hypnotherapists, sexual therapists, Reiki masters, transpersonal therapists, social workers, school teachers and  principals and others working in the well-being and healing modalities. Now for the first time a new teacher training specifically designed for working with couples, or individuals who want to take these skills into their love lives and relationship.

 About The Training

LoveWorks! Has over 48 module program of technologies, skills and practices drawn from contemporary sex research, the traditions of ecstatic sexuality (Tantra and Taoism) and from Diane and Kerry’s practical wisdom honed from over 25 years of professional experience assisting thousands of people in the area of sex, love and relationship. Kerry and Diane Riley are passionate about the enormous value and benefit of LoveWorks skills in new, and throughout long-term and committed relationship.

The Loveworks program will cover skills that you can introduce to couples, or singles to take to their partner, and groups ; to deepen intimacy, heighten passion and pleasure, enhance virility, turn sex into ‘lovemaking’, balance libido and desire, develop soulful connection, nourish and enliven relationship and sexual intimacy as well as continuing the journey of discovering more in love and life!

In the training there will be theory, demonstrations plus practices you will be doing yourself, and more importantly opportunities to guide couples in these practices – so you get the experience of what happens for them and for you.
Also Diane and her teachers will discuss  case studies and how to tailor the modules to individuals circumstances and needs.

LoveWorks skills and practices are great benefit for people  who have been impacted with loss of passion… difference in desire… lack of intimacy and meaningful connection… stress in relationship… change in relationship and sexuality due to child rearing…illness… separation… re partnering…ageing… long distance relationship… Also working with a growing number of people who are simply curious about Tantra and want to learn and experience the benefits of Tantra for themselves.

The LoveWorks Training is practical and use able by anyone. There are two purposes for participating in this training.

1. Professional: For professional women and men who want to add or integrate these teachings to their own well-being modalities and practices, for use with their own clients. Many couples face sexuality and intimacy issues and these practices you will learn have been tried and tested and get results. So you will be able to expand on the education and practices that you already offer in your own practice. You will have access to a follow-up program, 6 weeks of case support by email of questions and answers by all graduates. Many of the LoveWorks graduates have successfully integrated these teachings into their own sessions and businesses. to read more about…

2. Personal use: For Men and Women who want to use these teachings for their own personal use in their own relationship or future relationships. This training will undoubtedly add great value to your love life. Couples have trouble staying together and singles have trouble finding the ‘right’ partner. You’ll have skills to get the type of loving relationship you want. We can all benefit from a deeper love with more soulful connecting with our partner. You’ll be so much better equipped after the training to manifest what you want.

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Certification and Insurance

Those who successfully complete the course can become members of the International Institute For Complementary Therapists; Providing Professional Affiliation for the Natural Health industry as the Australian School of Tantra is a registered school and therefore can apply for insurance if required.

About Diane

Diane Riley is the founder of the Australian School of Tantra established in 1987, author and co- creator of DVD Sexual Secrets. Diane and Kerry were pioneers in Australia and internationally  teachers  integrating Tantra and sacred sexuality into a contemporary context, they continue to update and be current with skills and techniques assisting modern couples and singles find deeper connection and sexual pleasure in their lives and relationships.

Diane has taught thousands of couples, men and women,  over her career in Sydney, Melbourne, Byron Bay, Japan, Canada and Europe.  Many of her students have integrated her practical knowledge and deep insights into their own work as Tantra coaches and teachers in their own fields. Diane has been interviewed by Sydney Morniong Herald, sydney Telegraph, Marie Claire, Vogue,  Cleo, Cosmo magazines and many many others  and is highly regarded as a world authority on sexuality and relationships

She now enjoys offering Tantra Couples  and Single Coaching Sessions in Byron Bay where she has lived since 2009. Diane’s enormous amount of current experience, specializing in working with couples, places her in a unique position to impart knowledge and experience of working with couples. More about Diane and her work

“Diane Riley is one of the most knowledgeable voices on sacred female sexuality writing and teaching today. In Sexy and Sacred, she provides not only a wealth of information to help women of all ages embrace and enhance their sexual selves, but very practical advice too. A lot of people ask me how to have great sex. Now I can tell women if they want to discover and delight in their pleasure potential, listen to Diane Riley’s sage words !” Dr Gabrielle Morrissey, sexologist and author.

Teachers: Diane will be assisted by Kerry, who will specifically cover issues men face in a sexual loving relationship and how you can assist them.  Accredited Tantra Goddess Practitioners and LoveWorks Educators with the Australian School of Tantra who work with singles and couples, and have assisted with previous trainings are:

Soelae Riley – Tantra Couples Coach for the Australian School of Tantra for over 8 years. creator of the Tantra Way Home Course, Soelae is a qualified Tantra Yoga Teacher and a Vedic Meditation teacher 5 years in practice, Creator of Tantra Way Home Course, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Director of Wellness Events, Personal Change Coach.  Soelae co-ordinates the trainings and has been apart of the past 5 trainings.

Rachel Barry:

Kerry Riley – Best selling author “Tantric Secrets for Men”Director of Tantra Goddess Directory and Co director Australian School of Tantra. Kerry will specifically cover issues men face in a sexual loving relationship and how you can assist them.

Diane Riley

Tantra Teacher Training Kerry Riley a
Kerry Riley


If this program resonates with you on some level you are invited to talk to Diane. It is talking to you that our decision will be made to offer you a position, and you, of course will be able to decide if this is the right training for you. You don’t have to have an extensive background or thorough understanding of Tantra. The practices themselves get the results; you just need to put your clients through them. You can also give your clients books and DVDs as support material for what you have taught them, but experience from the practices is what really counts, and giving them practical methods to apply these teachings in their situation. .

We have had many enquiries for a Teacher Training that shows how to work with couples as well as singles. The previous Loveworks Tantra Teaching Program was completely booked out. We can only take a limited number. Once you have spoken with Diane we will then inform you if we think the program will be appropriate for you by email or phone. We will send you a course outline and more details of logistics, location, accommodation etc. Finally once we have mutually decided the training is for you, a $500 deposit will be required to secure your place.

Applications are now due.

Dates: 2019 May 2/3/4/5   Location: Byron Bay
Times: Thurs , 11 to 6.30 pm/ Fri  and Sat 9-6 pm/ Sun 9-3 pm.
Cost: 4 Day Intensive $2250.00(non residential)(No GST required).
 $2195.00  Early bird for the first 10 people l

Enquiries: 0410857581 | Applications: Due Now | Deposit: $500

What is your next step?

1. Please read through the prospectus and email us on australianschooloftantra@gmail.com to confirm if you would like to hear from us to arrange a time to discuss your application and suitability for the training and ask any questions directly.

2. Once and if it is decided that you definitely want to do the training and that the training will be going ahead, then you will receive a second email with further information including practices and pre-reading to start on, in preparation for the training.

3. Finally your position in the training is only secured once we have received your $500 deposit. Many applicants for the LoveWorks training were accepted yet unfortunately missed out as we did not receive the deposit until the last-minute. Details of banking will be sent to you on acceptance.

N.B. The LoveWorks Practitioners Training in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, May 2014 and October 2014  and May 2017 were fully subscribed all with a waiting list.

Whether I see you in the training or not I hope you continue to pursue your interest in this Sacred Sexuality field, I wish you beautiful, bountiful and blissful times to come….



Australian School Of Tantra



From Graduates who have attended Teacher Training programs with the Australian School of Tantra

I took the Practitioner Trainings with the Australian School of Tantra in 2011, and have been able to integrate the teachings into my own practice. My main modality is Ayurveda, but I also practice Reiki and several styles of massage as well. Many of my clients have discussed sexual issues with me and they are interested in improving their sex life. So, I use my own modalities but add in some of the practices I learned with Kerry and Diane’s teachings, and I give individuals LoveWorks Tantra practices to do at home that I learned in the training. My most joy comes from working with couples, teaching the Tantra skills and that’s been a major part of my work for 5 years now. I get excellent feedback and feel enriched that I have been able to help so many couples.


Mia and Lloyd – Drove all the way from Canberra to Sydney to see me, Mia was the one who called me, she said “the children have moved out and things were in a state of complacency, they had more time but there wasn’t excitement or passion in their lovemaking’. She was afraid that if something didn’t happen soon they may drift apart as many couples do, after the children leave home. Basically, their sex life was boring and nearly always the same thing”. Lloyd knew he needed to do something but didn’t know what, so, he was willing to come to a session with Mia.

In the session through a process I taught them from the training with Australian School of Tantra, they experienced some of the love and sexual interest they once had in each other. So, they were keen to try the new things I had shown them at home in their own privacy. Next time I saw them they said the practice had taken them to a space they hadn’t experienced before affecting them emotionally and spiritually, they said “it was so good to revitalise that whole area of their life with these new skills and were looking forward to exploring sex together again”. They could see there was so much more to discover after watching the DVD I had given them on the ‘Secrets of Sacred Sex’, and they wanted to learn more with me. A lot of people, after a few years of marriage, no longer explore ways of making love and it gets “the same”. The LoveWorks! Tantra practices I gave them were exactly what Mia and Lloyd were looking for.

I have my own practice teaching many modalities for personal growth, counselling, and tantric massage. I specialise in working with women on embodying the feminine, I took the training with the Australian School of Tantra 10 years ago and the Tantra Teaching practices I learned have been a major part of my business ever since. My passion is working with women, but teaching couples these LoveWorks Tantra skills I learned also gives me great joy and insight.



Suzie 2010
I did the couples training with Kerry and Diane, through the Australian School of Tantra in 2009. I didn’t have my own business but often gave people a massage. Which only involves seeing individuals, however people tell me about their relationships and some sexual concerns, and I wanted to help them. So that is why I took the training, even though it was focused more on working with couples, I thought I could get people I saw to bring their partner for a consultation. I discovered that for many, their partners wouldn’t come with them to see me. So, I simply gave them the Tantra practices I was taught of what to do with their partners with or without his or hers knowledge. Once their partners experienced the results they very often were then keen to come along as a couple for a Tantra Couples Consultation and practices to try at home. These same practices I tried in my own relationship and my partner thoroughly enjoyed how I had changed in the bedroom after doing the training. Best of all he changed also to give me more of what I really wanted, more loving connection during sex and at other times through the day. Another way I have used the training is when having dinner with friends who are complaining about their love life, I suggest some things to try, instead of just complaining about it. They often say “that won’t work with him!” I say “just try and see what happens”, and then nine times out of ten they report how surprised they were that it worked. It wasn’t surprising to me because these practices have been tried and tested through the Australian School of Tantra and have been shown to work for people with or without their partners knowledge. I am now looking at providing consultations professionally in the future.


Noelle Harb, Sydney – LoveWorks Training May 2014
Some of the past trainings I have done include as a pranic healer, certificate 4 TAA, Relationship therapy and as an Angel Therapist. Currently professionally I am a spiritual healer with the focus on relationships. With the use of the LoveWorks training I will incorporate the teachings in to my client sessions. I thoroughly enjoyed the format of the training, theory, then practical, this worked brilliantly. The structure was perfect, like building a house – layer upon layer. Thank you for your generosity in teaching. I will start to run Goddess retreats and use this material. On completion of the training I feel relaxed and anticipating a busy life back in Sydney. I know what I gained here will affect many lives and help heal our planet. Thank you.

Pauline Ryeland – LoveWorks Training May 2014
Some of the past trainings I have done include Quodoshka, Red Lodge, Sharmanic Recapitulated Dear Mourning, Bars, Reiki, Tantra body/energy work, spiritual healing, Angel intuitive, NLP Practitioner, Hypnosis – oh Mind powers! Thai Chi instructor. Currently I am a relationship and intimacy coach and educator which I will be implementing this training in to. Whilst I knew a lot of the practices or had my own versions I was working with from other trainings, there was still plenty more knowledge to take in and new things. What I liked was that it has given me a bit more structure to work with. I will definitely be creating tantra for couples as there is only one couple on the coast doing this type of work and now I have more skills to bring in depending on their needs.
Completing this training I feel expanded, invigorated, tired and excited to start creating and bringing this aspect into my existing clientele and marketing to new clients.

Amanda S. Sydney CBD – LoveWorks Training May 2014
I’m Amanda from Sydney, some of the past trainings I have done include 2/3 sex therapy workshops by Sandra Perot and ACT with Russ Harris. Currently I am a clinical Psychologist dealing with depressions and anxiety with couples and individuals, sex therapy and intimacy issues. The knowledge gained from the training will be implemented in to my current work. The practical tools in the LoveWorks Tantra Teacher training I have enjoyed include meditation, sacrum awareness, yoga, body awareness, exercises for the pc muscles, exercise for women who have modesty issues with their body to use exercises in Diane’s book, Sexy & Sacred, the magic strokes. This training has been very beneficial is giving me more practical tools.

Simona – LoveWorks Training October 2014
Thank you so much for your inspiring training and passion. Your experience and practical knowledge has made the LoveWorks training
so valuable to me in the field of education and couples education and therapy.



I did the Tantra teaching with the Australian School of Tantra 2007. I am a Yoga Teacher but had also practiced a form of Tantra Massage for several years. I wanted new skills to use on my Tantra Massage clients. So, that’s why I contacted the Australian School of Tantra and took the Professional training. The training expanded my practices out of sight, but more exciting for me was I started telling my Yoga students about Tantra and included some tantra exercises and breathing practices in the class. They kept asking more about Tantra, so separate from my class I set up evenings they could come to. They have since told their friends and I have regular groups for women and run a course. Some others have brought their partners for a Tantra Couples Session with me. So the beauty of the training for me is it allowed me to adapt different modules which were taught to different people’s issues. It expanded the work I am doing, I love the evenings I do with small groups of women and I love hearing their stories the next week of what happened for them. My love life has improved also, I feel so much more sexy than I used to. Lucky I had the skills to teach him how to keep up with me. He says it is the best investment I have ever made – wonder why! Great training Thank you.


I did the training with the Australian School of Tantra in 2009. I had no intention of teaching it and I have no practice of my own, so my only client is my husband! I did the training for personal reasons. We had read Kerry and Diane’s books and tried some things with varying levels of success, but I really wanted a much more in depth teaching of how to put the things into practice. My partner Scott had read some of the testimonials on the website and was very supportive of me doing the training. I was fortunate that he really wanted to put what I had learned into practice and was happy for me to guide him in some of the things I had learned in the program. I learned so many things, there are many practices, which I was advised to give out a little at a time, so I would have a couple of years of new practices I could do to keep our love life continually refreshed. That’s what I’ve done and it continues to put fresh juice into our love life. I also met some great people in the training and we supported each other. I have continued to keep in contact with some of the participants ever since. We share our experiences. It is nice to have someone to share things like this with and not be embarrassed or keep such lovely experiences secret, which I did in the past. Great training with experienced, professional teachers. Thank you so much!